Can indulgence make vagina flabby? Don’t spread the rumours, you’re the only one

The size and length of male sexual organs are different, so is the female vagina. The vagina itself is elastic and can be expanded. Its flexibility is very strong. Even if the frequent “love”, will also be a vagina natural rebound back, so frequent married life will not lead to vaginal relaxation.

whether it’s natural delivery or caesarean section, the whole pregnancy process will bring unexpected damage to the basin, but there are some differences in the degree. After pregnancy, as the fetus increases, it can increase the weight of the uterus, make the bottom of the pelvis under long-term compression, muscle fiber deformation, muscle tension will also decrease. During labor, the body will secrete a lot of relaxation hormone, the birth canal will expand, making the pelvis unstable and joint dislocation. When giving birth, because the fetal head enters the pelvis, it can compress the pelvic floor muscles and fascia, and the surrounding supporting structure will also be affected.

especially when the labor process is not smooth or the pause is slow, because the fetal head is pressed for a long time, combined with the use of fetal head absorber and forceps, the pelvic floor muscle and fascia will tear, resulting in the relaxation of the supporting ligament. Especially for women who have experienced natural childbirth, the fetus is delivered from the vagina. After the compression of the baby, the vagina is obviously expanded, the muscles and hymen marks are damaged, and the elasticity is also significantly reduced. After giving birth to a child to do as soon as possible Kegel exercise, so as to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle strength, adhere to the maximum degree of vaginal retraction.

when a woman is about 45 years old, the level of estrogen in her body decreases, leading to degenerative changes in muscles, ligaments, fascia and related supporting structures, thus reducing muscle tension, and the fascia will become weaker and weaker. In addition, vaginal mucosa will also show atrophy, and eventually aggravate vaginal relaxation.

the elastic fiber determines the elasticity of the vagina. The rupture of the elastic fiber will lead to the breakage of the elastic fiber network of the vagina, thus causing vaginal relaxation. Elastic fibers in vaginal cells can affect vaginal elasticity, lubrication and moisture. Childbirth, induced abortion and drug abortion will damage the vaginal elastic fiber, rupture the vaginal elastic net, and make the vagina unable to retract after stretching, thus causing vaginal relaxation, resulting in the loss of pleasure and climax, and indifference. In addition, loose vagina will also make a large number of pathogenic bacteria residue, increase the risk of vaginitis and cervicitis, inflammation will also go up to the nearby and endometrial infection, and even lead to female infertility.

once a woman has vaginal laxity, it needs to be solved in time, so as not to affect the quality of life of husband and wife, accelerate the aging speed of women, and even lead to family marital change. If you still can’t improve vaginal relaxation through exercise, you can choose a regular hospital for vaginal operation, but vaginitis patients can’t do this operation. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao