Can lumbar process cause paralysis and disability? Retired doctor: This is a wonderful way to cure the disease, and the lumbar problems are eliminated

With the change of working environment in modern society, more and more lumbar protrusion patients have brought a lot of troubles to many people’s lives. When the disease breaks out, it will seriously affect work and life. The appearance of lumbar process is generally related to trauma, cold, improper posture, bone degeneration and excessive strain.

1. Bad habits: for some people who have been sitting for a long time and standing for a long time, their waist will be squeezed, which will lead to lumbar disc herniation over time.

3. Degenerative changes: the degeneration of nucleus pulposus is mainly characterized by the decrease of water content, and the pathological changes of instability and looseness of the trochanter joint caused by water loss. The degeneration of annulus fibrosus is mainly manifested by the decrease of tenacity.

patients will feel persistent dull pain or needle prick pain in the waist, especially when climbing mountains, going upstairs, lifting heavy objects. However, patients can walk normally, and their life is generally tolerable.

this symptom is often accompanied by pain, and the lower limbs are stiff and weak, the limbs are cold and cold, and numbness and discomfort can occur at the same time. Especially in cloudy days and rainy days, the symptoms are obvious, and those who are serious need to stay in bed. In general, numbness is intermittent and relieved after rest.

this symptom often appears after the relief of lumbar pain. It is often manifested as radiation pain in the back of the back of the thigh, radiation numbness and tingling in the back of the leg and the dorsum of the foot, decreased sensory function of the lower limbs, and loss of tactile sensitivity of the limbs.

external application of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the most popular methods for lumbar disc herniation disease. This is because the effect of external application of traditional Chinese medicine is stable and has no side effects. It can be operated at home. If you don’t know how to apply external application, Xiaobian will teach you:

materials: Angelica sinensis, frankincense, ginger, notopterygium, angelica, Radix Aconiti, Radix Aconiti kusnezoffii, cinnamon, etc. After processing these herbs into external application powder, and then steam it with vinegar, and then apply it on the lumbar spine. Generally, the effect can be felt by external application for 10 days.

the above methods are cumbersome and not easy to adhere to. They can also be used as external application patches made by more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, such as Angelica pubescens, Radix Aconiti Preparata, etc.. The patients can solve more than 90% of the problems of bone diseases such as waist and legs, and generally, patients can recover after 1-2 courses of treatment! Shengyetang black paste paste according to many patients reflected in Taobao, spell more. There is only one shop on Taobao. Patients need to recognize

are you still worried about your persistent pain and failure to find a good doctor? Have you spent a lot of money wrongly, tried all kinds of treatment methods, and still have pain? If you have bone disease problems such as neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, you can also talk with me. At present, lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritis and other orthopedic problems are mainly conservative treatment, 90% of the patients can get rehabilitation!

action decomposition: take standing posture, feet apart with shoulder level, hands akimbo; then bend back the waist, upper body as far as possible backward, eyes look at the sky; when reaching the maximum range, can adhere to 2-3 seconds. 10 times for a group, a day can be the maximum group.

action decomposition: lie on your back with arms on both sides of your body; bend your legs and knees; lift your hips up; try to reach your maximum height, and then hold for 5 seconds. Focus