Can roll abdomen train vest line? How to train the vest line efficiently?

Summer is the season to show off your waist. If you can have a good figure, you will surely become more confident. In particular, having a waistline figure also shows that it is the standard of a good figure. In fact, many people who have just begun to lose weight start from abdominal training, because the weight of the belly especially affects the beauty of the body. Therefore, many girls in the beginning of weight loss, are particularly concerned about the abdominal fat, so only exercise the abdomen, the purpose is to practice vest line, let the small abdomen recover flat. However, if our body fat rate is too high, we can’t get the waistline by only doing abdominal exercises. What we have to do is to lose fat first. At the same time, it can’t be done locally, and it’s systemic. < / P > < p > in order to practice the vest line, most of them will use the action of belly curling to train, but can this action really train the waistline? First of all, let’s take a look at this movement. < p > < p > belly curling is a popular abdominal exercise, and it is also one of the most common abdominal exercises. Roll belly can effectively exercise rectus abdominis, if we have a low body fat rate, and grasp the action essentials of abdominal roll, we can practice the vest line, but for the novice who just contact with fitness, the effect is not very good. Because most of the novice fitness can not complete the standard belly roll, and in the belly roll, often feel the arm, waist or neck will be particularly painful, but the abdomen is not painful, which is caused by the lack of standard curling abdomen. < / P > < p > in addition to the fact that belly curling is not standard enough, there is another reason that the core strength of novices is generally poor. Although it seems simple to roll the abdomen, if the core strength is not strong enough, it will directly lead to the fact that we can’t complete the standard of belly curling, and other parts can borrow force. Therefore, in the practice of vest line, we should not blindly roll abdomen, according to their own core strength, and then consider whether to strengthen the core muscle group. Therefore, curling abdomen is really able to practice the waistcoat line, but this must be under the premise of action standard. For the fitness novice, the core strength is too weak, do not easily do the belly roll, otherwise it will cause physical injury, there is no training effect. < / P > < p > why should we learn fitness knowledge first? Only by understanding the basic knowledge of fitness and mastering the essentials of movements can we make the movements standard and effectively improve the fitness efficiency. < / P > < p > here are three movements that can effectively exercise the core strength and train the vest line. Of course, with the improvement of core strength, you can also add this action of belly roll into your vest line training plan. < / P > < p > in a word, all actions must be standard, otherwise there will be mistakes like belly curling. Stick to it, and you can see the effect in 2 months! PARRENT&CHILDREN