Can standing for a long time help you lose weight?

Sedentary lifestyle refers to the state or activity of energy consumption less than 1.5 metabolic equivalent when awake. Sitting for a long time is the most common “sedentary way”, so this lifestyle is named. < p > < p > according to a population-based study, people in 32 European countries spend 3.2-6.8 hours a day sitting, while in the United States it is more than 7 hours. < / P > < p > in contrast, higher daily energy metabolism is believed to help weight loss and prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For example, moderate and high intensity exercise. < p > < p > neat generally refers to all activities except non sedentary lifestyle state and energy consumption between 1.5 ~ 3 and 5 MetS. For example, daily walking, such as standing. As a result, standing posture can consume 0.15 kcal more energy per minute than sitting posture. Among them, women consumed 0.1 kcal more, while men consumed 0.19 kcal. The results of a strictly designed randomized controlled trial showed that the consumption of 0.2 kcal per minute was higher than that of 0.11 kcal per minute in observational studies. < p > < p > suppose that a person weighing 65 kg can consume 54 kcal more energy per day by standing for 6 hours instead of sitting. Over the course of a year, the more energy consumed is equivalent to 2.5 kg of fat, which can help you lose 2.5 kg. < / P > < p > standing requires more muscle tension and stretching to resist gravity and to withstand weight compared to lying and sitting positions. Although these muscles do not produce the kinetic energy of distance change, they still need continuous contraction of muscles to maintain the posture. This energy consumption is called “isometric heat production”. < / P > < p > this explains why men consume nearly twice as much energy as women when standing, because men have more muscle. This is also one of the reasons why muscular people are usually less likely to get fat, and obese people “get fat by drinking cold water.”. For example, for a professional athlete like Yao Ming, even if his muscles are developed again, his body will be as fat as his face at the end of his career. The reason is that he can’t stop talking. CUISINE&HEALTH