Can you tell “Tang Shi Er”? Control facial features and abnormal performance, early detection and early treatment

A treasure mother in the group said that she went to a friend’s house last week and felt a little strange to see her baby. Although she was fat and white, her facial features looked a little naive. < p > < p > she was a little suspicious of Tang’s son, but it was hard to say. After returning home, she checked some information and felt that it was very possible. She went to a friend’s house the next day and wanted to observe it again. Out of caution, she reminded her friend to take her child to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. The result was really “Down’s”, which was unacceptable to her friends and family, and she felt very sad. According to

, the incidence rate of the children is related to the age of the mother’s birth. The older the pregnancy, the greater the probability of having children born. In addition, boys are more likely to suffer from Down’s syndrome, and the proportion of girls is 3:2. For most families, the cost of treatment for Down’s children is a great burden. At present, there is no complete cure method. It can only improve their self-care ability in the long-term care, and increase their life expectancy in a limited way. < p > < p > in order to screen for this disease, NT examination, non-invasive DNA and amniocentesis in the late stage are all the key points in the prenatal examination, but they still can not exclude all cases. < / P > < p > first of all, it has a special face. Its main features are inflexible expression, slightly upward inclined eyes, flat face, wide and flat nose, short and thick neck, mouth often opened and extended tongue, unable to control saliva. The most obvious feature of Down’s children is mental retardation, which is the most obvious characteristic of Down’s children. Their intelligence development has different degrees of obstacles. The older they are, the more obvious they are. Compared with their peers, their abilities of language, memory and abstract thinking are much behind. In the end, the growth rate of Down’s infants is lower than that of normal infants, and the growth process is also slower than that of their peers, with short stature and short limbs. < / P > < p > about half of Down’s children have congenital heart disease, some have digestive tract malformations, eye development problems, low immunity, and more than 90% have hearing problems. The occurrence of Down’s children is related to heredity. If a Down’s child has been born in any family of a husband and wife, the probability of their having a Down’s child is more than ten times higher than that of an ordinary couple. < p > < p > with the increase of age, the body function will be reduced, the egg quality will not be as good as before, and the possibility of abnormal chromosome number is greater. In addition, physical decline, inability to provide a perfect living environment for the fetus will also increase the probability of fetal defects. During pregnancy preparation, mothers to be should avoid crowded places and all kinds of epidemic viruses, especially in spring and autumn with high incidence of influenza. < / P > < p > in addition, keep away from places with environmental pollution. All kinds of chemical agents, radiation and radioactive substances will affect the chromosomes of embryos, and medication during pregnancy should be cautious. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, there are several types of pregnant women who are easy to give birth to Down’s children, but it is not inevitable. Good prenatal examination during pregnancy can largely avoid the birth of Down’s children. < / P > < p > for Down’s children without early abortion, a special Down’s screening will be conducted in the second trimester of pregnancy. If the results show that the risk is high, further diagnosis should be made through amniotic fluid puncture or non-invasive DNA. < / P > < p > If a pregnant woman does not have a teratological examination in the second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus will continue to develop normally until delivery. Although this situation is rare, it can also be found in the late pregnancy examination. < p > < p > it is suggested that pregnant mothers should take the birth examination seriously, and don’t think it costs too much. However, if a defective baby is born accidentally, the cost will probably bring down a family, so don’t lose the big. CUISINE&HEALTH