Canadian study found: is there a relationship between vomiting and fetal intelligence? Listen to the experts

During pregnancy, we often see that some pregnant women’s reaction is particularly obvious, with another part of the pregnant mother without any reaction, naturally forming a sharp contrast. Therefore, we heard a voice: during pregnancy, the greasy fetuses and babies with vomiting are very smart, because they know how to protect themselves. When they are uncomfortable, they can protect themselves through the reaction of the pregnant mother. Is this really the case? < / P > < p > after pregnancy, the biggest change of the body is the change of hormone level in the body. Although it can’t be expressed externally, the hormone in the body is undergoing great changes for the purpose of fetal implantation and growth. During pregnancy, the human chorionic gonadotropin and luteinizing hormone will be a large number of secretion, will stimulate the brain related nerves, so pregnant women will be more sensitive, such as easy to talk about pregnancy vomiting, or very sensitive to smell. < / P > < p > everyone’s constitution is different, so the reaction to the fetus during pregnancy is also different. Therefore, the physical condition and the appearance of the fetus need to achieve a “balanced state” in the pregnant woman’s “body”. At the beginning, this time, it needs a “running in” period, so it will show that some pregnant mothers will naturally disappear after a few months. < p > < p > researchers at the children’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, found that there may be such a phenomenon: during pregnancy, vomiting is severe, to a certain extent, it can be seen that the more intelligent the child will be, so they began to do relevant research. However, this study has limitations, so the data used is not large enough. Only more than 100 children aged 3 to 7 were selected for the intelligence, memory and language ability tests. In our opinion, the sample data is too small to show the accuracy of the results. There are many kinds of congenital factors, and the two most important factors are heredity and diet during pregnancy. Heredity is given by parents, that is to say, when sperm and egg are combined, a certain degree of intelligence has been determined. In addition, the control of diet by pregnant mother during pregnancy, the important period of fetal baby’s brain development, and the required nutrients, if the intake is not enough or the type is deficient, this will affect the fetal brain development, thus affecting the child’s intelligence level. < p > < p > after a child is born, whether he is smart or not has a lot to do with the parents’ Cultivation of the child. For example, how to exercise children’s thinking ability, how to think and so on, these are actually related to the level of children’s intelligence. Some parents are good at discovering the advantages and disadvantages of their children. They can help their children weaken their shortcomings and enhance their advantages in the process of life, so that the children will be more excellent. Therefore, the cultivation of the backstage is more important than the congenital factors. After all, the pregnancy is only 10 months, and the backstage time is longer. There are many things that can be changed. However, the controllability of the backstage is not easy to master. Nowadays, children are too independent. Therefore, parents need to keep learning and progress to better guide their children’s growth. < / P > < p > in short, there is no accurate scientific research on the relationship between the strength of pregnancy vomiting and children’s intelligence. Therefore, pregnant mothers don’t need to pay too much attention to this area. The key point is that they can supplement nutrition and exercise more brain during pregnancy. When you exercise, the fetus and baby will exercise together, which will affect the fetus and baby What about it. Focus