Cancer cells into the body, the body will generally have four markers, in more than two, or in the deterioration of the disease

There are many friends who clearly have serious symptoms in their own body. When others persuade him to go to the hospital to see a doctor, he always refuses. He always thinks that he just has a small problem in his body and is not willing to spend more money to go to the hospital for examination. So again and again, again and again of procrastination, finally in their own can not hold the time to the hospital examination, this does not check the results are more uncomfortable, generally terminal cancer. So when cancer cells invade people’s bodies, there are generally four markers. Check whether you have them. If you have more than two, it may indicate that your condition is worsening.

the first sign is decreased immunity. After cancer cells invade the body, it will lead to the decline of the body’s immune function. Then your body’s defense ability will be reduced, sometimes you will be infected by some viruses or bacteria, and your body will develop diseases. Like a cold, fever and other small diseases will follow, fever in three days, always cured, there will be a crime. At this time, we need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination to see what causes this situation.

don’t ignore the consequences of immune decline. Many cancer patients don’t die because of cancer, and some of them die because of infection. So low immunity is no longer just cough, cold, fever and other small symptoms, serious up the body can not stand the consequences of infection.

the second sign, pain. There are many cancers that people don’t feel at all when they come. Of course, there are also some cancers that have been torturing patients all the time. Pain is a sharp weapon for cancer patients. Most of the time, the tumor will press the nerve, which will lead to pain. It can also be a clear reminder that your body is under attack, asking for support. So when your physical pain has not been relieved for more than a week, you need to go to the hospital immediately for treatment.

the third sign, sudden weight loss. If you don’t control your diet or do high-intensity exercise for a period of time, but your weight suddenly drops, and the drop is very large. It’s not a few kilos. It may be more than ten kilos or more than 20 kilos. At this time, you may be secretly happy in your heart. You finally lose weight. You don’t have to exercise or control your diet. There’s no such good thing anymore.

but there is no free lunch in the world. How can you lose so much fat all of a sudden? Who stole it? We must look at the situation with such doubts. So go to the hospital in time for examination and treatment, is the biggest preferential treatment for your body.

the fourth sign is anemia. When cancer comes, people will have symptoms of anemia. Cancer in the body will consume a lot of energy, resulting in the lack of nutrition.

so when cancer cells invade people’s bodies, there are generally four signs: decreased immunity, pain, sudden weight loss and anemia. You should see if your body has such a situation. If you win more than two, it may indicate that your condition is deteriorating, and you need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. 08/16/2020