Cancer does not recur within 5 years, on behalf of safety? How to avoid recurrence? Listen to the doctor

Generally, if cancer is discovered early, the possibility of recovery is still very high. Most people can live a longer life. Therefore, the “five-year survival rate” is proposed. What does this mean? Is it safe for cancer to be cured within five years? How to avoid recurrence? The doctor gave you a detailed answer. < / P > < p > in medical terms, it is the five-year survival rate, which is the standard to evaluate whether the operation is successful. A lot of data show that cancer recurrence or metastasis within five years and the probability is very high, so five years is a more important node. If there is no metastasis or recurrence after the cancer is cured, it means that the patient has reached the standard of clinical cure. Generally, there is no change in five years, so there is a 90% probability that it has been cured. < / P > < p > the five-year survival rate is only a reference standard, which means that even if there is no abnormality after five years, there is still a certain risk for patients. Because tumor recurrence and tumor size, occurrence time, growth environment and so on, but patients do not have to panic or easily give up treatment, doctors tell you what is the reason for cancer recurrence, pay attention to what can avoid cancer recurrence. First, regular inspection. Some patients feel that they have passed the five-year test and there is no problem with their health. However, doctors tell us that cancer can not be completely cured, and there are still residues in the body, so we should regularly check to see if the cancer situation has changed. Once the cancer cells are resistant to drugs, it should be noted that the cancer cells are not sensitive to drugs, and the drugs can no longer control the cancer cells. Go to the doctor in time for another treatment or multiple treatment, and do not be careless. Second, we are not afraid to spend money and treat thoroughly. There are many reasons for cancer recurrence, the most fundamental reason is that in the process of treatment, the survival of cancer cells in the body has not been completely removed. After cancer resection, it will be combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The purpose is to completely remove cancer cells. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy time is short, is likely to relapse. So whether it is after surgery or after many years, once found abnormal, with the doctor for treatment, do not delay the best treatment time. Third, put an end to bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Some patients are lack of safety awareness and do not pay attention to the development of health habits in their daily life. We should know that many diseases are caused by bad living habits, especially the occurrence of cancer is related to these factors. Smoking and drinking is undoubtedly an important factor to accelerate the deterioration of these conditions, so we must pay attention to our healthy living habits and be responsible for our own health. Fourth, keep a healthy attitude. A positive attitude is the best medicine for patients. A happy mood can refresh people’s spirits, promote blood circulation and improve their immunity. If you feel depressed and worried all day long because of cancer, no matter how good the medicine is, no matter how good the medical technology can save you. Doctor survey found that 25% of cured patients due to psychological and mental reasons, leading to cancer metastasis or recurrence, so a positive attitude is particularly important. < / P > < p > it can be said that maintaining healthy living habits and positive attitude is the best medicine for patients. They can do more suitable exercises to improve their own quality and pay more attention to diet. Although cancer can not be completely cured at present, as long as it is well prevented, it can also prolong our healthy life. Regular inspection is also necessary for cancer patients. It is the best measure for patients to monitor the condition of the disease at any time and contain it before the worse situation comes. Information sharing for epilepsy patients