Can’t the fetus hear his father? You need to know the three truths about prenatal education

At present, it is believed that the origin of fetal education was in ancient China. At that time, the purpose of fetal education was to keep pregnant women in a good mood, rest properly, and pay attention to diet and rest.

with the development of the times, more and more people begin to pay attention to fetal education. There are even various fetal education classes and courses on the market. Pregnant mothers who are worried that their children “lose at the starting line” are also worried.

is prenatal education useful? In fact, fetal education is too deified by us. Kids only have basic reflexes, but they haven’t formed thinking yet. How can they learn Mathematical Olympiad.

fetal education is becoming more and more demonized by marketing. In addition to the most basic relaxing mood and listening to music, many fetal education classes have also been developed, so that children can start to learn Mathematical Olympiad in their belly. It’s really a bit too mysterious.

is baby’s hearing really that good? There is a father in Japan who used his body as a “mouse” to carry out an experiment on intrauterine hearing.

the father drank a full stomach of beer, then covered a small microphone with cream and swallowed it, imitating the fetal auditory environment in amniotic fluid.

although the external sound can be transmitted into the body, under the influence of the liquid environment, the sound becomes small and strange, completely unable to distinguish what the other party is saying. The voice of the Father himself can be transmitted into the body in the form of bone conduction, and can be more clearly captured by the microphone. It can be seen that the voice of Baoma under bone conduction can be fully heard by the baby, while the voice of baopa from the outside world can hardly be heard by the baby.

Baoma are always worried about her “losing at the starting line”. This kind of emotion is understandable, but Baoma don’t worry. It will take some time for the little ones to form their hearing.

generally speaking, babies begin to grow the outline of their ears at 9-10 weeks. When the little ones form hearing, they usually have to wait until after 23 weeks of pregnancy, which is more than 5 months of pregnancy.

most of the deification of fetal education is to cut a wave of “leeks”. From the experiment of Japanese dad, we can see that the kids really can’t hear the voices of the outside world, including Bao PA’s voice.

at present, there is a popular saying that baopa’s voice is low and penetrating, so it is easier to be heard by the baby. In addition, the fetal auditory range is narrow, and the middle bass is more popular with the baby.

in fact, following the Japanese father’s experiment, we can hardly hear the sound from the shore when diving. The sound wave will change after entering the water, so the baby in the amniotic fluid environment, probably really can’t hear the voice of father Bao.

at present, the popular view is that Mozart music is helpful to the intellectual development of the fetus. In fact, not to mention the baby, listening to music to the baby after birth does not obviously help the intelligence.

neuroscientist John Medina once pointed out: there is no evidence to show that prenatal education can improve fetal intelligence; and there is no scientific basis for Mozart music to promote brain development.

among the many voices from the outside world, only Baoma’s voice can be completely transmitted to the baby through bone conduction, which is why small month old babies only love their mothers.

baodads don’t have to be too sad. They will accompany their mothers when they are pregnant, and they will take part in parenting after the baby is born. The kids will also be attached to their fathers.

in the third trimester of pregnancy, the mother’s voice can give the baby a sense of security, so the little guy can feel it when talking to the baby often, which is helpful for the formation of the baby’s personality after birth.

although Mozart can’t improve the baby’s intelligence, he can please the pregnant mother’s mood. A good mood is the best prenatal education, so listening to soothing and gentle music during pregnancy is good for your baby’s health.

the hope of chatting with the baby has been dashed, so the fathers should put more energy on accompanying the pregnant mother. After all, pregnant women are really not easy to provoke. It’s also a kind of prenatal education to spend more time with the pregnant mother to keep her in a good mood every day.

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