Cause 4 factors of premature birth, pregnant mother don’t ignore, otherwise it will hurt the baby!

This article by Luo PA original sharing, welcome to pay attention, leave a message, this issue Luo PA share content is: pregnant mother please pay attention! Four factors causing premature birth, pregnant mother do not ignore, or it will hurt the baby! In today’s society, many babies can’t wait to meet their parents, so they appear in the world early and become a “premature baby”. You know, when ancient medicine was not developed, if premature infants appeared, most of them would lose their lives. Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, even for premature infants, our angels in white will try their best to save the baby. The baby spent the dangerous time in the incubator and survived healthily. Although the baby can be saved, we all know that incubators are very expensive. If premature infants are in incubators, it may cost hundreds of thousands, or hundreds of thousands. If the family is not rich, it is difficult to afford such a high amount of medical expenses. < / P > < p > therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention in advance to avoid premature delivery of their children. Children born at full term have strong immunity and good health, which will be better taken in the future. Pregnant mothers should maintain a happy mood, not afraid of premature delivery every day, after depression, it is easy to appear premature delivery. < p > < p > then today, Luo Pa will talk to you about the pregnant mother! Cause 4 factors of premature birth, pregnant mother don’t ignore, otherwise it will hurt the baby! < / P > < p > many young mothers think that the pregnancy test is just a routine examination, which will not lead to too many problems. Moreover, they are in good health, and their babies must have no problems, but who knows? If the pregnant mother’s constitution is poor, the child is also likely to be premature. If regular pregnancy check-up is carried out, the problem can be solved in time and the possibility of premature birth can be eliminated. Therefore, pregnant mother must not ignore pregnancy test Oh, must be on time pregnancy examination. < p > < p > the main responsibility of a pregnant mother is to keep her child at home at ease. It is absolutely not allowed to do housework. If the body is too tired, the damage to the waist is too large, it is likely to press the abdomen, causing premature delivery. Pregnant mothers should not feel idle, should move more, this idea is wrong, can take a walk appropriately, but must not be overworked Oh, otherwise it will have a great impact on the baby. < / P > < p > I remember watching Zhihua. In order to win Yongqi’s sympathy, Zhihua framed the swallow and bumped into her abdomen, which eventually led to premature birth of the baby and suffered a lot of crimes. Pregnant mothers must remember, never let the abdominal injury. Do not go to crowded places to avoid collision and abdominal injury. In addition, the pregnant mother with a child at home must not go too close to the child. The child may bump into the pregnant mother’s abdomen inadvertently. Abdominal impact is likely to lead to premature delivery. < / P > < p > some pregnant women still go their own way after pregnancy, continue to adhere to their previous lifestyle, stay up the deepest night and eat all kinds of fast food. Eventually lead to fetal malnutrition in the abdomen and premature delivery. Moreover, the physical condition of the pregnant mother will become worse, and pregnancy complications are also very common, such as pregnancy induced hypertension, anemia and other diseases. Therefore, pregnant mothers should change their bad habits. Early to bed, early to rise, to form a good work and rest habits, to provide a more comfortable environment for the baby, to avoid premature birth. After premature birth, not only the baby is in danger, but also the pregnant mother will suffer. We should reduce the possibility of premature birth from the root. < p > < p > have pregnant mothers who are worried and afraid of premature delivery learn? Pay attention to the above points, can avoid the occurrence of premature birth Oh! Therefore, pregnant mothers must remember that they should pay attention to what should be paid attention to, and what should be avoided. The diet is also very important. Don’t eat casually. I believe that the baby can develop more healthily! 08/16/2020