Cecilia Cheung has three handsome sons, but she claims that she still wants to have four. Can she have her 40 years old?

A person will have many roles in this life. As a parent, their biggest wish is that their child can grow up healthily. Before the child is born, parents will look forward to the birth of their child.

every child is unique. Parents will get a lot of happiness in the process of raising their children. When parents raise their children, their children are constantly making their parents’ life richer.

now Cecilia Cheung has three sons, but it seems that Cecilia Cheung plans to continue to have children, but can she have five children at the age of 40? Netizens said after reading: it’s better to stop.

Cecilia Cheung also said in the program that man is a fertility machine for her, which makes many people puzzled, but Cecilia Cheung’s parenting view is very worthy of learning.

she thinks that nothing in the world is happier than being a mother. Many mothers may work very hard every day, but Cecilia Cheung is not. She will ask her children to be independent from childhood, which is very similar to the education concept abroad.

although Cecilia Cheung raises her children by herself, she is very skillful. When taking her children to travel, both of her children do their own things. Cecilia Cheung still has time to go shopping, so she doesn’t have to worry about her children.

although Cecilia Cheung is 40 years old, she still wants to continue to have children. Many netizens are sweating for her. After all, the risk of having children in old age is much higher than that of women in normal age.

but now many people are still very healthy even though they are very old. It’s not very difficult for them to have children. Therefore, it needs them to decide whether to choose old age pregnancy.

during pregnancy, older pregnant women are more likely to have pregnancy diseases than younger ones. For example, pregnant women are prone to diabetes. At this time, pregnant women will also have pregnancy induced hypertension and other problems, which will threaten their health.

it’s not only the mother who is prone to problems, but also the child. The child in the mother’s stomach will be affected by the mother’s body. Some children are born deformed, and the risk of this situation will be increased by the elderly pregnant women.

because many pregnant women don’t pay attention to abortion, the probability of abortion of elderly pregnant women will also increase. It may be very difficult for some elderly women to get pregnant.

in order to make the fetus more healthy, pregnant women should pay attention to their diet before choosing to be pregnant, and don’t eat some bad food, so as not to affect their health.

body is the capital of revolution. If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, the most important thing for an elderly woman is her physical condition. If her physical condition is not good, pregnancy is by no means an easy thing.

before planning to get pregnant, a woman must have a comprehensive physical examination to see whether her body is suitable for pregnancy and whether any diseases will affect her child.

I hope every mother can fulfill her wish. It’s not easy to have a baby, but it’s more difficult to raise a child. I hope everyone can be prepared. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao