Cerebral infarction is not “exclusive” to the elderly. If these four points are not changed, young people can not avoid it

Cerebral infarction can lead to cerebral vascular occlusion and stenosis, it is difficult to provide blood to important brain tissues and nerves in time. With the change of life style, the disease is no longer the patent of the elderly, many young people do not pay attention to the formation of good habits, will also be hit, there is an increased risk of cerebral infarction. Therefore, in the prevention of cerebral infarction to pay attention to many aspects of the problem, through maintaining good living habits to keep away from cerebral infarction, in order to prevent physical health from being affected. < / P > < p > in order to effectively prevent cerebral infarction, the most important thing is to control the weight. The more obese people, the more likely they will have cerebral infarction. Due to excessive obesity, a large number of body fat accumulation, blood viscosity, high probability of vascular blockage, invisible will also increase the incidence of cerebral infarction. If you want to actively prevent the disease, you should start with weight control. You need to eat correctly and don’t get too much high calorie food. < / P > < p > many people often eat high-fat and cholesterol rich foods, which will increase the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and the body fat needs to be accumulated in large quantities. Obesity and hyperlipidemia will come. In order to actively promote health, this kind of bad behavior needs to be corrected. < / P > < p > if we can pay attention to the stable control of body indicators, it may not be easy to have cerebral infarction. Some young people also increase the incidence of cerebral infarction because of the increase of blood glucose, blood lipid or blood pressure. These types of diseases will affect the vascular function and accelerate the vascular lesions in the development process. After vascular lesions, the circulation is not smooth, blood can not be provided to important brain tissues in time, and cerebral infarction will appear after the blockage of blood vessels in some parts. Therefore, in the prevention of cerebral infarction, these indicators should be stable and controlled. Once there is a phenomenon of index increase, it should be actively stable through rational drug use or good habits of life to achieve the effect of prevention of cerebral infarction. < / P > < p > young people should also pay attention to more exercise. They should not think that youth is capital. When they are young, they basically do not exercise. They always sit for a long time or stay at home to play games. These behaviors will affect the normal circulation of the body.

some people have high incidence rate of cerebral infarction and slow body circulation. Long time sedentary also increases the risk of obesity and increases blood viscosity. In order to prevent this situation, we should pay more attention to exercise when we are young. Through more exercise, we can improve the cardiopulmonary function, improve the systemic circulation, and improve the immune function, so as to achieve the effect of promoting health. < / P > < p > if young people do not pay attention to smoking and drinking, and over rely on tobacco and alcohol for a long time, they will increase blood viscosity due to excessive acquisition of harmful substances. However, people who smoke and drink a lot for a long time have a high probability of atherosclerosis, and some vascular lesions affect the normal circulation of the body. < / P > < p > if you can take preventive measures in advance, you can stay away from these bad habits when you are young, do not touch tobacco and alcohol to reduce the acquisition of harmful substances, which is helpful for vascular maintenance, and is a more effective method to prevent cerebral infarction. Otherwise, when cerebral infarction appears, your health will be seriously affected. HEALTHY LIFE