Cervical “bad” girls, mostly have five characteristics, if one of them, quick check HPV

Introduction: the health of the cervix is particularly important for women, and now there are many women do not pay attention to the protection of the cervix, in some daily behavior inadvertently hurt the cervix, leading to cervical lesions, until the discovery of cervical lesions has been difficult to improve, at this time regret can not reach. < p > < p > this is the case with Xiao Lin, 26. She has just lived with her boyfriend for a year, and the two have a very good relationship. However, in recent intimate times, Xiao Lin has found that she has a strong sense of pain and always asks to stop halfway. She also finds blood stains, so she dare not continue for a while. < / P > < p > after half a month’s delay in the examination, we found that it was HPV infection that caused cervical lesions. We learned that Xiao Lin and her boyfriend were so close that they didn’t let go of their menstruation. They were blamed by the doctor: such behavior is too harmful! < / P > < p > many girls are similar to Xiao Lin. even if some abnormalities occur in their bodies, they should not be taken seriously. They do not know that it is the “signal” from cervical lesions. However, most of them have five characteristics. If you take one of them, you should be careful: < / P > < p > healthy women usually don’t feel anything abnormal in the secretion, because they are colorless and tasteless, but if cervical tissue occurs The disease necrosis, usually secreted leucorrhea will send out a bad smell, the more serious the disease, the worse the smell, and even leucorrhea mixed with blood, we should attach great importance to it. < / P > < p > repeated bleeding in the same room is abnormal, which can not be alleviated by temporary absence from the same room. At this time, the cervical lesions may have begun to compress blood vessels, resulting in bleeding after vascular rupture. If the lesions are delayed, the lesions will develop rapidly and cause great damage to the cervix, so once there is such a situation, it can not be ignored. < / P > < p > women with cervical lesions will have obvious pain when they have intimate behavior. The greater the cervical injury, the more obvious the pain. At this time, don’t think about tolerance. You should check it. < p > < p > the normal menstrual period should be within 4-7 days, but some women find that their menstrual period has been extended to 8 days or 10 days, and they have a feeling of “dripping and dripping”. At this time, we should consider whether there is cervical lesions. After some women are infected with HPV lesions, they will have endless menstrual bleeding. < / P > < p > if it is caused by cervical lesions, it generally develops for a long time. If the lesions of the cervix oppress the pelvic cavity and other parts, there will be pain in the waist and abdomen. If the bladder is compressed, the problem of frequent and urgent urination will occur. However, women are more likely to be infected with HPV when they are in a more frequent stage of intimate life. However, if they do not pay attention to hygiene and their autoimmunity is low, the possibility of infection will be relatively higher. Fortunately, HPV infection can turn negative within a period of time if the immune system can be improved and cross infection can be avoided. The following three things, if you can do it, HPV won’t bother you any more. For example, if you don’t pay attention to supplement selenium in your diet at ordinary times, your immune cells will be easily damaged and your immune system will be reduced. Therefore, it is an effective way to restore immunity to properly supplement some nutrients of Shuangxi chrysalis. Because the selenium element in Shuangxi Cordyceps militaris just meets the daily needs of human body, and cordycepin also has the effect of activating immune cells, daily supplement can help strengthen the immune system and eliminate HPV itself. < / P > < p > after HPV infection, the most important thing to pay attention to is not to cross infection between partners, otherwise it will make the bacteria deeply infected for a long time, not only difficult to turn negative, but also more likely to have pathological changes. So during this period, both partners should pay attention to personal hygiene, take safety measures or stay away from the same room temporarily. < / P > < p > this is a habit that many women do not have yet. In fact, no matter whether they have infection or not, women should go to regular screening to know their physical conditions, especially whether they have turned negative or have pathological changes, so as to find out and deal with them early. Focus