Cervical cancer is mostly their own “do”, learn to refuse these three things, the cervix will appreciate you

cervical cancer is the most common malignancy in gynecology. The incidence rate is higher and higher. About about five hundred thousand increase in cervical cancer annually. There is an average of every minute in the world. In the female reproductive system, the cervix is one of the most important organs, located in the lower part of the uterus, which can prevent bacterial infection outside, but due to various external factors, plus diet With the development of society, many women begin to pay attention to gynecological diseases. < / P > < p > the development and maturity of women’s uterus has a certain age. If the husband and wife live ahead of time, the risk of cervical cancer will be greatly higher than that of normal women. In addition, if the partner has penile cancer and has contact with women in the life of husband and wife, they are easy to suffer from cervical cancer.

many women in remote areas feel that they have many children, which is a kind of happiness. In fact, they will also stimulate the uterus and reduce their resistance. In addition, premature birth will also damage the cervix and increase the incidence rate of cervical cancer. HPV is an important pathogenic factor of cervical cancer. According to the survey, 90% of cervical cancer is infected by HPV virus, but 80% of HPV infected people can be eliminated by autoimmune. However, some women have low resistance and immunity. If high-risk HPV virus is continuously infected, it is likely to cause cervical cancer. Therefore, people infected with HPV, in the early emergence of a series of signals, such as abnormal bloody leucorrhea, irregular lower body bleeding, women must timely observe their own body and cause attention. < / P > < p > TCT is the basic method of cervical cancer screening, and is also an important part of diagnosis. Microscopic observation of cervical cells to determine whether there are abnormal cells, TCT detection of cervical cancer cells detection rate of 100%, can also find some precancerous lesions, if necessary, HPV examination can be carried out to understand the health status of the uterus. In order to prevent HPV infection, HPV vaccine is generally used to prevent HPV infection and fundamentally prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer. At present, HPV vaccination is prevalent in many countries in the world, and many women will accept it. However, due to the high cost, the supply of HPV vaccine in some areas is insufficient. The infection of HPV virus is the main cause of cervical cancer. Nowadays, there is no specific drug that can directly eliminate the HPV virus in the body. The only way to rely on is the immune system of the body. The immune system of the human body has a strong ability to remove bacteria. Therefore, this is why many people infected with HPV virus are told by doctors to Pay attention to strengthen the body immunity, it is suggested that this kind of people should eat less or no spicy and stimulating food in their diet; at the same time, balanced and nutritious diet can eat more foods with high protein, vitamins and trace elements, such as milk, bean products, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, shrimp and eggs, etc., and if possible, they can even be supplemented with some direct help to enhance immunity Regulators, such as maltose selenium polysaccharide, can activate the activity of immune cells, which is also widely used to accelerate the elimination of HPV virus. < / P > < p > with our life becoming more and more convenient, we humans have become more and more lazy. Many people will choose to take transportation when they go to work. Even if they don’t want to walk for a long time from home to the company, such bad habits will increase the risk of HPV infection. Moderate physical exercise can promote the internal circulation and endocrine, and improve the function of various organs of the human body Can enhance the body’s own immunity, prevent HPV infection, so it is recommended that we do more aerobic exercise at ordinary times. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not