Cervical cancer is mostly their own “do”, there are few three behaviors, the cervix is not easy to be hurt

The most troublesome disease for many women is gynecological inflammation. These gynecological diseases not only bring a lot of physical discomfort to women, patients will have abdominal pain, abnormal leucorrhea, itching and other symptoms, but also cause certain psychological impact to female patients. At the same time, women suffering from gynecological inflammation also have to bear a greater risk of cancer. The cancer that makes women headache most is cervical cancer.

patients with cervical cancer will suffer a lot physically and mentally. Usually early cervical cancer patients with special parts will appear contact red, wait until the middle and late stage of the disease will appear irregular bleeding symptoms. Some patients will also have abdominal pain, general weakness symptoms. There are also some patients who can’t hold their urine and feel painful when they urinate. If the cancer cells appear to spread, the patient will appear in various organs and tissues of the body failure.

some women don’t have the consciousness of contraception. When they get pregnant unintentionally and don’t want to bear the responsibility of raising their lives, they will habitually choose abortion. As everyone knows, abortion more times, the damage to the uterus will be particularly large. With the continuous thinning of the uterine wall, the immune ability of the uterus will decline seriously. And the tissue around the uterus is also prone to bacterial infection leading to inflammation. Cells with weak resistance are prone to canceration when stimulated by inflammation for a long time. Women also have spontaneous abortion and infertility. In serious cases, it can be life-threatening.

every woman pays more attention to her own external beauty, but she doesn’t pay so much attention to cleaning places that others can’t see. Some women do not pay attention to personal hygiene, special parts, two or three days to wash once, underwear did not change every day. There are also some lazy people who wash their underwear together with other clothes. In this way, bacteria are easy to multiply and run into women’s bodies, causing inflammation in special parts and abnormal leucorrhea in patients. This creates opportunities for cancer induction.

in fact, many adult women have different degrees of gynecological inflammation for various reasons. But when the symptoms of inflammation are not serious, the treatment is usually ignored. There are also some women who are too busy with their work and life, have to go to work, take care of their children and do housework. They always have no time to see a doctor, but they just use physiological saline to relieve the symptoms of itching. As everyone knows, the long delay has brought opportunities to the bacteria. So gynecological diseases, we must go to the hospital in time with the doctor to do the examination. Symptomatic treatment is very important.

in fact, cervical cancer is not a sudden disease, but a result of continuous damage to the cervix. Therefore, the prevention of cervical cancer to actively do a good job around the small things. For example, wash special parts with warm water every day, change underwear frequently every day, and wash underwear separately from other clothes. It’s better to wash them by hand and put them in the sun after washing. But also to do a good job of contraception, to avoid multiple abortions. If pruritus and abnormal leucorrhea appear in private parts, we should go to the hospital for examination in time and do a good job in anti-inflammatory work. Eat more nutritious food and exercise more to improve your health. Your name will always exist on the Internet