Cesarean section of the mother, but to seize the first three days postpartum, postpartum recovery will have half the effect

Now, people may find that more and more pregnant women choose cesarean section around them. In fact, pregnant mothers will also be particularly worried about which delivery method to choose. If the delivery is natural, the pregnant mother has to bear the severe pain for a long time, while the cesarean section will take a long time to adjust the body, which is commonly known as “sitting in the month”, and will leave a scar on the body. But despite these reasons, more and more people around are inclined to cesarean section, the most important reason is to reduce the pain caused by natural labor. The first three days after cesarean section is very important for Baoma. This period of time is the golden period of recovery. Those who have cesarean section must pay attention to it. < p > < p > Baoma Xiaojing chose cesarean section when choosing the mode of delivery, in order to reduce the pain caused by natural labor. She said that after the operation, the anesthetic effect will become weaker and weaker as time goes on, which means that the pain will become stronger and stronger. The doctor told her that the first three days after the operation was particularly important. She must take good care of her body and pay attention to her diet. She also listened to the will carefully, so she recovered quickly and well. Baoma Xiaojing also said that after cesarean section, especially after the effect of anesthetic drugs subsided, walking and going to the toilet have become a problem, because as long as you move a little, it will involve the wound and bring great pain. But it also depends on a person’s sensitivity to pain. Baoma Xiaomei is also the choice of cesarean section method, she also pay special attention to the body after the operation, remember the doctor’s advice. Maybe everyone’s physical condition is different. Although Baoma Xiaomei feels less pain after surgery, the wound always has recurrent inflammation. So she shares her experience in Baoma group: keep the wound clean, change the dressing on time, and don’t overwork. At this time, she should take rest. < / P > < p > after listening to the sharing of the two precious mothers, I think the treasure mothers who will have cesarean section must have learned a lot. Let’s talk about the matters needing attention of Baoma in the first three days after cesarean section. After cesarean section, the effect gradually subsided. Usually in a few hours after the operation, the wound began to appear pain. At this time, in order to let mom have a good rest, the doctor will use some analgesic drugs on the day or night of the operation. Of course, it’s better not to use analgesic drugs after this, because it will affect the health of the mother, especially the recovery of intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, mummy should be prepared for the pain and endure it. < / P > < p > due to the stimulation and influence of cesarean section on the intestinal tract, mothers will have different degrees of flatulence after delivery and feel abdominal distension. If you do more turning action, it will make paralyzed intestinal muscle peristalsis function recovery faster, the gas in the intestine will be discharged as soon as possible, can relieve abdominal distension. < / P > < p > before and after the operation, the doctor will place a catheter on the mother. The catheter is usually pulled out 24-48 hours after the operation and after the bladder muscle recovers the function of urination and contraction. After extubation, the mother should try her best to urinate by herself, otherwise, retaining the catheter will easily cause urinary tract infection. The gastrointestinal function recovered 24 hours after operation, and the flatulent food such as milk, soybean milk and a large amount of sucrose was avoided. After the intestinal gas is discharged, semi liquid food materials, such as porridge, noodle soup and wonton, are used for 1-2 days, and then they are converted to normal diet. At the same time, we should pay attention to reasonable diet. In a word, Baoma after cesarean section must pay attention to the physical care after operation. Confinement is related to a woman’s whole life. Treasure mothers must pay more attention to it! 08/16/2020