Cesarean section postpartum line year can be pregnant again? Here comes the truth

The best time to get pregnant again after cesarean section has always been a controversial topic. In medicine, it is suggested that pregnant mothers should plan to get pregnant again two years after cesarean section. However, there are many examples of pregnancy in two years in life, and the babies born are very healthy. This makes the pregnant mothers ready to have a second baby, don’t they have to wait two years? Those mothers who haven’t waited for two years have healthy babies! In fact, there is a certain scientific reason for medical advice to get pregnant after two years. They determine the approximate time period of pregnancy according to the time of uterine recovery and the time of women’s body recovery. The first pregnancy of pregnant women is cesarean section, because the incision of uterine wall after cesarean section is poorly healed in a short time, early pregnancy, and the growing fetus makes the uterus grow larger and the uterine wall thinner, especially It is the surgical incision, which makes the connective tissue lack of elasticity, causing rupture in the late pregnancy or delivery process, endangering the life safety of pregnant mother and fetus. < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers who have a baby within two years after cesarean section are mostly accidental pregnancies. After pregnancy, they should go to the hospital in time to evaluate the recovery of the uterus and check the implantation position of the fetal sac, for cesarean section for more than one year A distant relative of mine chose to have a caesarean section because of the wrong position of her first baby, and her child got pregnant again in less than three months. Of course, it was not planned, but unplanned. Can we have such a treasure? < / P > < p > the answer is no, definitely not, not to mention the uterine scar has not recovered, even the normal delivery of the uterus has not recovered. Accidental pregnancy just injured uterus has not recovered, but also in the next bear a trauma. < / P > < p > cesarean section surgery on women’s body injury is very big, so postpartum to timely supplement nutrition, enhance immunity, avoid fatigue Pregnancy is very important for the mother of cesarean section, which is a matter of life, not to mention the uterine trauma again, if the pregnant embryo is implanted on the scar that has not been healed, it will be a fatal blow to the female. < p > < p > from the perspective of medicine, it is not explicitly stipulated that it will be two years later, but this time is relatively safe, if you want to get pregnant 18 months or 18 months later We are pregnant with life, full of hope and vision for the future, but healthy parents and a perfect family are the foundation of children’s happiness. Why should we put ourselves in danger. < p > < p > women born by caesarean section recover slowly, take care of their babies and take care of their housework, which has made mothers pay a bad sum and have children a year later Children can not only let themselves have more experience to take care of their babies, but also make some time for themselves. It’s not wrong for the elders to say that they should take care of their babies as early as possible. But the experience of two and a half years old tells me that the children are too old to take care of them. It’s very difficult to take care of them both in terms of raising and learning

Two years after cesarean section, mothers will no longer worry about the physical discomfort caused by pregnancy psychologically. They can accept it psychologically and physically. Another biggest advantage is that after two years, pregnant doctors can evaluate many factors, such as body and uterus bearing capacity, and try trial production. < p > < p > in terms of resistance, babies who have experienced mother’s birth canal can resist The weight of mice born by caesarean section is heavier than that of mice born through the birth canal, which indicates that the birth mode interferes with the intestinal flora and makes them more likely to gain weight. < p > < p > the intestinal flora is the basis of human immunity, which is called the human second brain; Probiotics enter the intestines to promote the secretion of immune protein A, maintain the intestinal flora of the baby and improve immunity= https://luanban.com/category/focus/page/2/ target=_ blank>2