“Cheap” girls, almost all have these characteristics

Tan songyun’s sharp performance not only has two high-quality school grass brothers, but also is spoiled by his brother like a little princess, which makes me sour. What’s more, can you see that Tan songyun, as a younger sister, is actually 9 years older than his brother song Weilong? At 30, she didn’t feel at all in conflict with her brother group CP. In contrast, I was really a failure. I was one year younger than Tan songyun. I was called aunt a few years ago. Take a look at Tan songyun on the left and me on the right last year. My skin is too poor. My face is dark and not smooth enough. I look old-fashioned and dirty. < / P > < p > whenever there is such a skin problem, I will definitely use my repair cream, which contains many precious ingredients such as Tongjia tiger grass, Centella asiatica and so on, which can be a good hand to repair skin barrier and calm skin ~ < / P > < p > apply enough repair cream after washing face in the evening. At night is the time when skin can absorb nutrition most, and every time it passes through the same night The next day, the face is no longer red, and the water is moist and glossy, looks white and tender.

this repair cream texture is a little like emulsion, light and refreshing, pushed open into water, and soon absorbed by the skin. It contains Centella asiatica and other plant essence ingredients, which can timely replenish and lock water for skin when repairing skin, so after using it for one night, you can feel your skin is as moist and tender as drinking water. < / P > < p > this repair cream is suitable for all kinds of skin types, especially for oily sensitive skin and skin with “external oil and internal dryness”. Moreover, it contains gp4g, an extreme temperature plankton, which can effectively strengthen skin barrier. 25 years of scientific skin care brand, anyway, I am very relieved. < / P > < p > in fact, many girls’ faces are prone to oily, which is caused by the lack of water in the skin. If the cuticle in the skin can not be adjusted to enough moisturizing factors, the skin will become more and more dry. No matter it is oily or dry skin, the water shortage will lead to red and itchy skin, and more skin problems will follow. Skin water shortage, the face will be very easy to itch, and there are red spots. < / P > < p > although it is called a cream, it has no burden even in summer. It has a very fresh texture and won’t block pores. It looks like adding a layer of water on my face at night. It’s very refreshing and comfortable. Because my skin can be rescued in time on the same day, I give it a name: first aid cream for relieving thirst, which is absolutely unique in my skin care products Yes, it can’t be less. < / P > < p > if you also have some skin problems, such as water shortage, oil sensitive skin, easy to redness and sunburn, and want quick emergency effect, this thirst quenching and repairing cream really needs to try. Pets