Chengdu builds a green channel of psychological intervention for primary and secondary school students

On the eve of “World Mental Health Day”, on the afternoon of October 9, witnessed by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of education and the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Academy of Education Sciences and the municipal mental health center jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a “green platform for mental health” in primary and secondary schools in Chenghua primary school, promoting in-depth cooperation in mental health of primary and secondary schools at the municipal level. At the same time, Jinjiang District, Chenghua District, Wenjiang District, Pengzhou City Education and mental health institutions, as district and county representatives, signed cooperation agreements. According to the introduction, in the face of the increasing number of students with serious psychological problems in recent years, and the challenge of normalization of epidemic prevention and control on mental health, education and health departments will focus on the construction of green channel for psychological intervention, formulate referral system, clarify the regulations for medical institutions to receive patients and treat referred students, and use system guarantee to realize students’ serious psychological problems And psychological crisis detection, consultation, referral, intervention, timely diagnosis and treatment for students. At the same time, it also provides more professional choices for parents and schools in the face of students’ major mental illness. The person in charge of Chengdu Education Bureau said that with the professional support of the mental health center, schools can focus more on the functions and responsibilities of mental health education, such as the allocation of psychological teachers, the establishment of psychological counseling rooms, and the opening of mental health education courses, and parents can better implement the responsibilities of family education. < / P > < p > in addition, the two sides will also carry out cooperation in the fields of education and training, education and scientific research, popular science publicity, etc., and explore in many fields such as big data of mental health, construction of extreme case database, construction of social psychological service system, etc., and establish a psychological emergency response mechanism for primary and secondary school students with the combination of medicine and education, so as to promote social concern for the mental health of primary and secondary school students, and promote the psychological health of minors Health related work put forward suggestions to build a cooperative brand of medical and educational integration. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”