Chest muscle training so long have not become big, what is wrong?

Two thirds of the year has passed, and it seems that there is no change in the pectoral muscles, even with the utmost effort. This is a common situation in gymnasiums. The effect of chest muscle training is maximized, which is not necessarily repeated and repeated cliche. < / P > < p > we know that some partners define insanity, which is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results. When trying to train a weak part, that’s true. < / P > < p > most of the time, we practice a part, and it doesn’t feel as good as we want. So ask yourself, what do you need to do to train this muscle? There is no simple, one size fits all solution to this problem, but one thing is certain. If what you’re doing doesn’t work, you need to change the method! < / P > < p > it is often asked how long training methods and training ideas should be changed in training. When everything you do doesn’t work, try something else. In other words, if it doesn’t go wrong, don’t change it. If the training is growing and improving, there is no need to change the training method. < / P > < p > most partners will reach a limit, a bottleneck, whether it is the whole body or specific parts, they will eventually realize that the end has come. No matter how well a drill or group of drills worked in the past, it didn’t work. < / P > < p > in the movement of increasing muscle and strength for all chest muscles, the importance of dumbbell bench press is second only to barbell bench push. Many small partners believe that dumbbell bench press is more valuable and effective than flat barbell bench press. In some ways, it is. In order to effectively complete the heavy weight, strength and muscle, many small partners will combine barbell and dumbbell movements into the training. It should be the second or the third chest training. As an auxiliary action, it still has its value. Like the dumbbell bench press, the rope bird is a great way to increase the amount of training and stimulate the growth of the lateral chest muscles. < / P > < p > butterfly machine is one of the most commonly used equipment in the gym, whether it is just for chest day training or equipment training will be used. Butterfly clip chest has great value. Before the end of chest training, it can stretch a lot and activate extra muscle fibers. Although push ups are not popular, there is no denying the effect of this simple basic action. If you want to increase the chest changes, you can do push ups after doing the treadmill to increase muscle stimulation. < / P > < p > due to the use of free weight, you can have extra range of motion, you can work until you are exhausted, or you can choose to lower the weight separately, which is definitely not allowed by the upper slash bell press. Pay attention to the position and weight of the action. Too much weight mobilizes too many supporting muscles that replace the upper chest. < p > < p > in the auxiliary action of downward oblique horizontal push, the high to low rope flying bird is one of the most popular and effective lower chest movements. Although this action can be used to stimulate muscle growth, use light weight and isolate the lower part of the pectoral muscles to weaken the pectoralis major involvement. < / P > < p > when doing parallel bars arm flexion and extension, leaning forward slightly is another way to stimulate the lower chest, and also can train triceps brachii. At the end of daily training, it is a good method to add arm flexion and extension of parallel bars to the end of chest day. < / P > < p > in the gym, looking for new training moves, anything that should be tried, can break through the training bottleneck. When you find that you are no longer making progress, you also need to constantly test and give full play to your perfect physique. CUISINE&HEALTH