Child care Craze: sensible or “pit father”? Family education is the key

Policy, education, parenting, safety, health, Celebrity All kinds of popular parenting information is in the “one week parenting hot search”, you don’t need to brush your microblog every day to know what’s new this week! Come and watch the hot search with the wave flower! < / P > < p > a sensible child becomes a “pit father” if he is not careful? Recently, when a primary school student visited the exhibition hall of Wildlife World Park, he broke off the antlers and mistakenly regarded the antlers as Velvet Antlers and wanted to take them home to mend his grandfather’s body. Netizen: if you take it without asking, you are “stealing” Let’s see. < p > < p > October 21, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. When a primary school student visited the exhibition hall of Wildlife World Park, he broke off the antlers, and the staff immediately stopped it. After inquiry, the students mistook antlers for Velvet Antlers. Parents once told their children that antlers are good things, so they wanted to take them home to help their grandfather mend their bodies. Netizen: think although have filial piety, but do not ask oneself namely “steal”. Recently, Beibei, a 7-year-old girl, came to Hangzhou for a holiday. She saw her father, who drove a truck, to carry goods every day. When she left, she wrote a letter to her father, in which countless netizens burst into tears: “Dad, I love you. I don’t want to spend your money when I see you working so hard.”. The girl’s father said that he was moved and sad after reading the letter, and failed to give his daughter a better life. Pan Rui, 13 years old, was sent to study in the UK by his father Pan Shiyi. He has been living in the UK for nearly 17 years. “In fact, I have been living in a boarding kindergarten since kindergarten. My primary school is also a boarding school. After I graduated from primary school, I was directly thrown into the UK.” And these experiences are undoubtedly his “wealth” on his way to grow up. “For me, it is helpful to be able to be independent earlier and take some responsibilities earlier. He let me know that I am trustworthy.” According to the survey of 789 school-age children in a city, the rates of mild and severe sensory integrative dysfunction were 25.84% and 7.68%, respectively. In the survey of behavior problems, the detection rate was 27.55%, which was significantly higher than 17.37% of ordinary primary school children. The rate of violating discipline behavior and neurosis problems of boarding primary school children was also significantly higher than that of ordinary primary school children. At the same time, some studies have shown that boarding school pupils have serious psychological problems, mainly hostility, paranoia and interpersonal sensitivity. It is certainly a good starting point for children to learn to stand on their own, and it is also a must for parents. One day, children will leave their parents’ protection and go wandering alone. However, there is a premise here – only children with sufficient sense of security will be more willing to explore outside. In other words, inner security is the foundation of a child’s true independence. However, in the initial stage, whatever you want to maintain your emotional connection with your child, understand his emotions, understand his needs, and give him company when he needs company most. < p > < p > I started boarding in kindergarten and went to high school in other places. On October 28, in Fushun, Liaoning Province, a 6-year-old girl was abused by her mother and her boyfriend Chen, which caused widespread concern. The girl and child were subjected to appalling abuse and were hospitalized nine days after being injured. Before the operation, grandma asked Tong Tong that the injury was caused by Chen. Grandma decided to call the police. As a result, she was threatened by Chen and her daughter, who said, “if I die, I have to find some people to support me.”. The child’s grandmother said, “I don’t care if she is threatened”, and then directly called the police. At present, the girl’s mother Liu and her boyfriend Chen have been detained by the police according to law. < p > < p > on October 27, the Beijing News reporter learned from Tongtong’s family that from February to may, 2020, the child lived with his biological mother, Liu Moyan, and his boyfriend, Chen Mou Wei, due to his parents’ divorce. During this period, Tong Tong Tong was suspected of being abused by the two people for many times. On May 22, the child was sent to the intensive care unit of Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University for rescue due to multiple body burns and arm fractures. < p > < p > on October 29, the reporter learned from people familiar with the matter that, according to the appraisal of Fushun fair judicial appraisal institute, there were 10 injuries in 6-year-old girls and children, and the identification results showed that there were one serious injury and eight minor injuries. The identification results of the children included 10 injuries, including one serious injury, eight minor injuries and one minor injury. The injury identification showed that the child’s body surface scald was grade II serious injury, and grade I minor injury was found in head, chest and pelvis, including 9 rib fractures in the chest. In addition, the left femur, teeth injury and other three parts of secondary minor injury, right thigh into a 5cm steel needle three for minor injury. < p > < p > at 2:00 p.m. on October 29, Fushun, Liaoning Province, the father and lawyer of a 6-year-old abused girl came to the bank and printed the donation flow sheet. So far, more than 1.56 million yuan of donations have been received. The girl’s father bowed to thank the country’s kind-hearted people, saying that he would make good use of every amount of love money. At present, the donation channel has been closed. Xiaotao, a 5-year-old boy living in Lincang, had recurrent sore throat, poor breathing and snoring at night for one year. Recently, a living foreign body was found in the trachea of the local people’s hospital. On October 16, the local people’s hospital carried out surgical treatment, and the living leech was removed from the small pottery trachea. The attending doctor reminded the child not to drink raw water! < p > < p > at the scene of the electric vehicle fire, all-purpose firefighters are fighting the fire. All of a sudden, a child cried out to let the fireman uncle rescue work first. Netizen: love to learn good youth, I wish you academic progress! Ying Lina is a third grade English teacher in Jinhua No.1 Primary School in Zhejiang Province. When grading homework, she will draw some expression bags by hand, and integrate the pictures into the homework instead of comments to express her hope and sustenance for students. “She painted me a prince, and I was very happy. This is the encouragement of the teacher.” Netizens: happy children! < p > < p > on October 25, 2020, the children of Chifeng No.1 kindergarten in Inner Mongolia have been away from the kindergarten for three months. Many parents send a message to the teacher saying that their children especially miss the fried noodles in kindergarten. The director decided to invite 200 graduated children back to the kindergarten to eat fried noodles. The children said that it was better than the mother’s. Recently, Songyuan, Jilin Province. Some parents said that they found their children’s mood abnormal, so they asked them to carry video equipment. They didn’t expect to record the situation of teachers beating and scolding their children. The Education Bureau announced that the teacher was punished by demerit recording and transferred from the original unit; the vice principal was given an administrative warning. Ren Zeping of Evergrande Research Institute said that in view of the current controversy over whether to fully liberalize childbearing, it is suggested that in the period of the “14th five year plan”, it is suggested to gradually promote and observe the effect from the release of three children as soon as possible. Before the “separate” two-child policy and the full liberalization of the second child, the fertility effect is not as expected, and is significantly lower than the predicted data of the anti liberalization faction. It is in line with the traditional wisdom of China’s gradual and incremental reform. On the 27th, the National Health Commission issued a series of manuals on prevention and control of myopia for children and adolescents, and customized different versions of “prevention and control of myopia manual” for kindergartens, primary school students and middle school students. Among them, the primary school period is a high incidence stage of myopia, parents should take their children to the regular medical institutions for vision examination every 6 to 12 months. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE