Child care hot search: warm family affection is the most touching

Policy, education, parenting, safety, health, Celebrity All kinds of popular parenting information is in the “one week parenting hot search”, you don’t need to brush your microblog every day to know what’s new this week! Come and watch the hot search with the wave flower! < p > < p > < p > “super sweet grandfather” is the first one to pick up his granddaughter in kindergarten every day. Every time the little granddaughter sees her grandfather, she will compare her heart with her heart, and her grandfather will respond. The 7-year-old boy picks up bottles on the road, in order to save money for his mother who is seriously ill Let’s see. On November 29, there was a “super sweet grandfather” among the parents who picked up their children every day in a kindergarten in Luoyang, Henan Province. He is the first one to pick up his granddaughter every day. Every time the little granddaughter sees her grandfather from afar, she will compare her heart with her heart, and her grandfather will respond to her. Netizens have expressed their love for their parents and grandchildren. In the village of Zhouzhuang Town, Baofeng County, Pingdingshan, Henan Province, a 7-year-old boy can often be seen picking up bottles on the road. The boy’s mother is seriously ill. In order to save money for his mother, he often goes to the street to pick up bottles. He said: “my mother is sick, pick up the bottle in exchange for her mother to buy medicine.” < p > < p > on November 27, a parent of xinxuedu kindergarten in Changchun, Jilin Province, said that when taking a bath, he found many bruises and swelling on the child’s body. Checking the kindergarten monitoring found that the child was isolated by the teacher and pinched and beaten. According to the parents, the cause is that the child does not eat, and the teacher has admitted to beating the child. In response, the kindergarten said that the teachers involved had been suspended and the police had filed a case for investigation. < p > < p > on November 30, the Education Bureau of Kuancheng District issued a statement on the progress of handling the incident in xinxuedu kindergarten. At present, the public security organs are investigating and handling the incident. The female teacher involved has been dismissed from the kindergarten. Next, according to the investigation results of the public security organs, kindergartens and teachers involved will be dealt with accordingly. On November 29, 6-year-old girls died during lunch break in Jieyang, Guangdong Province. The girl’s family members told reporters that the child went to school after two temperature tests in the kindergarten, and all were normal on that day. At the same time, the family members questioned the loss of monitoring pictures of the kindergarten incident. Jieyang police reported the incident, excluding poisoning and violent death. Recently, videos of two cute children in Suqian, Jiangsu Province, who went to school, have become popular on the Internet. The two children put their hands on the small pocket and walked out of the big man’s pace as if they were walking in the park. Netizen: kindergarten out of the endowment home walking temperament. According to several parents in Weihui, Henan Province, two stationery stores near sixth Quanquan primary school sell e-cigarettes to primary school students for 20 to 25 yuan per cigarette. It is found that more than 10 students in a class have bought them. Parents denounce the stationery shop for no bottom line, worried about the impact on children’s health, looking forward to heavy punishment. Weihui City Industrial and commercial bureau responded that it was under investigation. Li Jiheng, Minister of civil affairs, recently wrote that China’s population development has entered a critical turning point. At present, affected by many factors, the fertility desire of the population of the right age is low, the total fertility rate has fallen below the warning line, and the population development has entered a critical turning point. Official data show that the number of births in China has been declining for several years. According to the statistical bulletin of the National Bureau of statistics, in 2019, China’s birth population was 14.65 million, a decrease of 580000 compared with that in 2018, and the birth rate was 10.48 ‰, 0.46 thousandth point lower than that in 2018. According to historical data, the birth rate of 10.48 ‰ is also the lowest since 2000. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”