Child safety seat written into “unprotected law” experts’ advice on implementing new regulations according to law

After years of appeals from experts, scholars and all walks of life, “providing children’s safety seats for minors” was finally written into the revised version this month. In order to promote the implementation of relevant regulations, Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center recently held a seminar on “focusing on children’s road traffic safety and injury prevention”. Many experts and industry insiders suggested that law enforcement departments should ensure that children’s safety seats are equipped according to law in practice as soon as possible. < / P > < p > the amendment was passed on October 17, which makes specific provisions on the children’s road traffic safety guarantee obligations of parents or other guardians. Tong Lihua, director of Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center, said that the newly revised “Minors Law” clearly stipulates from the national legislation level for the first time that parents or other guardians should provide children with child safety seats and educate minors to abide by traffic rules in terms of family safety, traffic safety and outdoor safety “This will leave a lot of space for the formulation and revision of laws and regulations such as road traffic safety law and local regulations on the protection of minors.” < / P > < p > experts at the meeting agreed that the legislation of child safety seat is of great significance to the protection of children’s road traffic safety, and specific measures should be taken as soon as possible to promote the implementation of the law, such as clarifying legislation and penalties, publicizing the rule of law, and formulating safety plans. Song Wenzhen, deputy director of the office of the women’s and children’s Working Committee of the State Council, said that children’s accidental injuries have become a public health problem threatening children’s health in China. Nearly 40000 children die from accidental injuries every year, of which road traffic injuries are the second cause of death. Song Wenzhen said that from the past project experience, through the “five e” strategy, namely education prevention strategy, environmental strategy, engineering strategy, strengthening the rule of law strategy, and evaluation strategy, child injury can be effectively reduced. < / P > < p > “in addition, international experience also shows that the use of child safety seats can significantly reduce the death rate of children in traffic accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to further implement the relevant provisions of the law on the protection of minors and implement the legal provisions into specific measures and actions.” Song Wenzhen said. < / P > < p > Evelyn, policy legislative officer, safety and travel division, who headquarters According to Dr. Murphy, research shows that the safest way for minors to ride is to use safety seats that match their age and body type and meet the quality standards. It is recommended that minors under 10 years old or less than 135 cm in height should use safety seats that meet the product quality standards when riding, and forbid them to sit in the front row. In addition, to promote the use of child safety seats, we need to consider the market supply and demand, public awareness, law enforcement and other factors, encourage dialogue and cooperation between various departments, and implement relevant measures according to local conditions. < p > < p > attending the meeting, Wei Honghai, leader of the order management team of traffic police detachment of Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau and deputy of Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, specially mentioned three related cases. In these accidents, adults were only slightly injured or not injured at all, but the children in the car were injured to varying degrees. “Child safety seats are written into the law on the protection of minors, which will provide legal support for law enforcement at the grass-roots level.” The traffic safety awareness of the traffic police will be enhanced through the promotion of the traffic safety awareness of the minors in the first line of traffic protection. 08/16/2020