Children play games bank deposits suffer face recognition fraud case in Badong, Hubei Province

Is wechat payment safe with face recognition verification? This is not the case. There is a kind of technical swindler who steals the victim’s wechat remotely, uses software to make blinking motion pictures, crack face recognition with false and true, and easily transfer money away. On July 1, this year, Ms. Kang, a Badong County resident, reported to the police that her 8-year-old son was cheated of his wechat account while playing online games with her mobile phone. After the swindler logs in to wechat in different places, 20000 yuan in the bank account bound with wechat is transferred in full. Badong County police quickly launched an investigation and found that a gang in Maoming City, Guangdong Province, was suspected of committing a major crime. The police ran around for thousands of miles, and finally they took the suspect, Cai Mou, Kam and Lin. According to the police, many children use their parents’ mobile phones to play games. Under the guise of purchasing game accounts, sending equipment and lifting game restrictions, the gang cajoles children into stealing wechat that parents have bound to bank cards. < / P > < p > some users set up face recognition for transferring money in wechat. The gang members who are proficient in computer technology can find out the victims’ self photos from wechat, and process the photos with special software, and pass the verification. 08/17/2020