China Youth Daily: it’s not only due to teachers’ morality that parents can correct homework

Recently, a number of provinces and cities have explicitly issued a ban on parents’ correcting homework, stopping some teachers from asking parents to correct homework. The ban drew cheers. This shows that parents’ correcting homework has already triggered public anger, but the parents are unable to resist. Now the education administrative department has stepped in, and the problem seems to be solved in the near future. However, calm down to think, this paper ban, in fact, only solved a problem. The deeper problems behind the homework of parents are still deeply rooted and can not be solved overnight. < / P > < p > most people think that allowing parents to correct homework is just an irresponsible behavior and a teacher’s ethics problem when he or she transfers his or her own responsibilities to the parents. To be sure, it’s natural for teachers to grade homework, which is a part of the work. Moreover, marking homework is a professional activity, which requires considerable professional skills and experience, and not all parents can be competent. What’s more, many parents don’t even have time to correct their homework. These principles are just like people have to eat and dress, simple and ordinary, no teacher can not understand. But some teachers don’t grade their homework and let their parents do it. It’s not only that these teachers are lazy and happy and unwilling to do more work, but also because of the utilitarian education and teaching concept. Many teachers have always believed in the art of sea combat. They not only do a lot of exercises in class, but also do a lot of homework after they go home, mechanically repeating them day after day. In the view of these teachers, practice can make perfect, and improve their grades quickly. As for the art of teaching, the law of education and the physical and mental health of students, they can ignore it. Therefore, in order to make the sea test tactics play the most effective role and let the tide of test sea rise again, it is necessary for parents to participate in it, and the parents’ correcting homework has become a strategic measure of the sea test tactics. All kinds of tedious and harsh evaluation systems in the field of education result in it. There is no need to say much about the heavy schoolwork burden of students. The performance is that the amount of homework after class is seriously exceeded. The reason why teachers have to arrange a lot of homework is for those hateful and lovely evaluation indicators. The average score, excellent rate, pass rate, pass rate, performance and other evaluation indicators have always been on the head of teachers, so that teachers are tired and miserable. In order to make the evaluation index bright, it is natural to take up the students’ after-school time. In order to maximize the interests, parents should also make use of it. < p > < p > schools take on too many work functions other than education. Today’s schools, in addition to teaching, also undertake a number of social functions, many of the activities that the school should not participate in and the work that should not be completed, also gradually extend its tentacles to the campus. All kinds of knowledge contests, various surveys and surveys, etc., have been coming in one after another and have been on the teachers’ work schedule. If you can’t deal with a number of tasks seriously, you will have to deal with the extra time, whether it’s a waste of time for parents to complete their work or not. For example, several math problems that should have been completed in class had to be reserved for homework. The above is the deep driving force behind the homework grading by parents. In order to really solve this problem, the author thinks that we should make these efforts persistently: < / P > < p > to clarify the boundaries of home school responsibility. Schools and families have the responsibility to educate their students. In teaching students to learn cultural knowledge, the school is duty bound, can not transfer their own responsibility to the family, which includes correcting homework. The responsibility of the family lies in that parents should also take care of their children’s homework and learning. However, they should not teach knowledge as teachers do, but should create a good environment for homework and learning, and urge their children to complete their homework on time and in accordance with the quantity, but not to correct the homework. It’s not that parents are not allowed to correct their homework. Children’s homework has nothing to do with their parents. You can’t go from one extreme to another. Set up the correct view of homework. Although homework can consolidate new knowledge and recall old knowledge, it can only be established on the basis of appropriate amount. Excessive homework can not achieve these effects, but also make students tired of learning and affect their physical and mental health. The learning tasks that can be completed in the classroom and the learning activities that can be implemented in the school do not need to occupy the students’ time after class, even if they need to be controllable. The amount of homework can be controlled and the workload of teachers can be controlled. In this way, parents do not need to correct students’ homework. Let education return to education and give teachers enough teaching space. Teachers’ daily work is to teach and educate people and impart knowledge. Although the school can cooperate with the society to undertake some functions, it should be less and better. The premise is that it does not occupy more teaching time and waste teachers’ valuable working time in school, and its purpose is to promote education and teaching. Don’t let the campus be full of activities that have nothing to do with learning. Teaching time and energy are guaranteed, and it is not necessary to do too much homework to make up for the lack of classroom teaching time, so parents will be relaxed. < / P > < p > to improve the level of teaching, efficient and high-quality teaching. Assignment and inspection of homework are no more than a means to understand the effectiveness of teaching. Therefore, means can not be an end. This requires teachers to strive to improve the level of teaching, with superb teaching art to achieve the goal of teaching, less homework, or even no homework can complete the task of teaching, should be the pursuit of every teacher. If there is less homework or no homework, there is no need for parents to correct homework. Although a ban can prevent parents from correcting their homework from the source, if we don’t work hard on the deep-seated reasons and make the parents correct the homework, it will only change the vest, and the day of its resurgence will not be too far away. Focus