Chinese American junior high school students launch free online classes to help children from low income families

According to reports in the United States, California students began to take distance online classes. Due to the fact that children from low-income families can’t keep up with their scores, Li Xiaolin, a Chinese student from Dongwan San Ramon junior high school, together with three classmates Malik, kayari and Gaby, gave free one-on-one online tutoring courses in science, mathematics, language arts, Spanish and history to children from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Li Xiaolin usually likes to participate in debates. The debate will focus on different topics, including background research and data search. When studying the impact of the epidemic, she was shocked by the real situation. It turns out that under the epidemic situation, the quality of education in some places is extremely poor, and some children’s grades are getting worse, but they are helpless; some families do not have enough income, and children have no money to take extra-curricular online tutoring courses to improve. After Li Xiaolin and her friends got together. They show the make-up plan on mobile phone programs, leave contact information, hope students or parents contact; take the initiative to contact school districts with more low-income students and ask them to help find students; she and her friends also design websites to facilitate those who need to sign up.

on the website designed by Li Xiaolin and her friends, there are four founders’ profiles, including the introduction and registration methods of five courses: Science, mathematics, language art, Spanish and history. Children can decide which course to sign up for according to their learning short board.

since mid August, their free online course guidance has been running in an orderly manner, and more and more students have joined. At present, four teachers teach 20 students, six days a week, an average of one hour a day. Li Xiaolin tutored eight students, each teaching one-on-one, ranging from 30 minutes to one hour.

having been a temporary teacher for three months, Li Xiaolin gradually understands that the core of teaching is patience and gradual progress. There are children who do not understand the content of the professor, but she does not give up, because they are students and will have empathy. “You can always break through difficulties when you coach slowly. In short, don’t let the students down. ”

when tutoring the score chapter in math class, Li Xiaolin uses drawing as an aid; in the process of teaching language art, she seizes every opportunity to train her students; when it is almost Christmas, she asks the children to write an interesting story about Christmas, so that children can understand history, culture and curriculum.

in order to prevent the children from tiredness in the computer class, Li Xiaolin also plays some games to stimulate the atmosphere and arouse students’ interest. For example, in the process of Teaching Spanish, she would ask one child to draw out the words and act them out. The other student would guess which word it was. “I’m lucky and I want to help people in need in the community.” 08/17/2020