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, three, delicious food, four seasons, thank you for opening this delicious food and graphics, I am a treasure of the 80’s, and I will often share some of the most popular food for you. Has a good look and has the final say. If you like my food sharing, please click on the above to make a friend! < / P > < p > If I have the magic of Doraemon, I just want to realize one wish today: one click back to 7 days ago. I haven’t had a holiday yet. Why is the balance insufficient? On the last day of the long holiday, turning over the calendar is actually the “cold dew” solar term, curling cool wind, cold dew autumn is thicker, after the cold dew is late autumn, indicating that winter is on the way. There is a folk saying that “the body does not show, the feet do not show”. At this time of year, grandma always scolds her for showing her ankles in fashion. Now no one scolds her or talks about it. On the contrary, she knows how to keep warm for her children. Maybe this is the price of growing up? < / P > < p > in cold autumn, we should not only know how to keep warm, but also pay attention to eat more nourishing and spleen strengthening food. When I was a child, I often heard that “lotus is a treasure, autumn lotus is the best tonic”. Around the Mid Autumn Festival, it is also the time for autumn fresh lotus to appear on the market. Lotus root is warm, sweet, tender and juicy, which can not only clear away heat and trouble, but also have a good sleep effect. Sydney is a common fruit, can be eaten raw, can also be made soup, because of its sufficient water, has the effect of moistening dry body fluid, especially suitable for autumn consumption. The vitamin content of jujube is very high, and it has the reputation of “natural vitamin pill”. As a good tonic, it is more nutritious to put a few in soup and porridge. Put lotus root, pear and jujube together in a pot, add some red peanuts and wolfberry, and you can drink them in 20 minutes. The soup contains several kinds of natural sugars. It’s very sweet without sugar. It’s more nourishing than rice porridge, and it’s simpler. < / P > < p > 1. First of all, let’s prepare the ingredients for this dish: half lotus root, about 300g. It’s better to use powdered lotus root for boiling soup. After cooking, it tastes powdery, waxy, sweet and clearer than crispy lotus root. Sydney 1, and lotus root soup with Runzao water magical. Red jujube 30 grams, I used a small jujube, a dozen; red peanuts 50 grams, ordinary peanuts can also, but red peanuts cooked out of the soup color is better. Medlar 3 grams, five minutes before the pot, medlar has the effect of nourishing and warming, more suitable for autumn consumption. < p > < p > 2. Wash the jujube and peanut with water respectively, and soak them for a few minutes, which can better remove the dust hidden in the folds of jujube skin. Lycium barbarum is easy to soften. Wash and drain. < / P > < p > 3. Clean the mud on the surface of lotus root, cut off the skin and cut it into hob pieces with uniform size. Lotus root is rich in lotus root powder, which is easy to oxidize and turn black after peeling. Therefore, it is necessary to wash the cut lotus root thoroughly. After removing the lotus root powder, the lotus root becomes white and tender. < / P > < p > 4. Clean the pear, peel and remove the stone, and cut the white pear flesh into hob pieces about the size of lotus root. Sydney is easy to oxidize and discolor after peeling, so put it into the pot as soon as possible after cutting. It’s easy to get angry when boiling jujube with jujube seeds together, and it’s also worried that children’s eating jujube seeds will get stuck in their throat when drinking soup, so deal with it in advance: just find a straw as a gift of yogurt and gently penetrate through one end of the jujube to easily take out the jujube seeds. < / P > < p > 6. When everything is ready, all the ingredients except wolfberry can be put into the pot together. Add 1000 ml of pure water, boil over high heat, skim the surface foam, cover the pot and simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes. < / P > < p > after 7 or 20 minutes, open the lid of the pot, and the soup turns into a strong lotus root powder color, which looks delicious. Put the wolfberry in the pot and cook it for about 5 minutes before leaving the pot. < / P > < p > 8. The sweetness of Sydney is full of the fragrance of lotus root. It’s very sweet without adding sugar. Drink a bowl when it’s slightly warm in the air, and you can warm your stomach and heart in one step! What about? Is it super simple? If you are smart, you will be smart. If you have time to make a love card for your family, no matter how simple the ingredients are, they will become more delicious! < / P > < p > Hi, this is a small kitchen with a long message. Thank you for reading. 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