“Compared with painless needle, the delivery room lacks more dignity”! These 3 puerpera’s words, let a person listen to distressed

Pregnant in October, not easy to wait until the “unloading” day, but the body from the bursts of pain, but let the maternal have no time to take care of other. Some people say that mothers who want to give birth naturally lose their dignity when they enter the delivery room. After all, all kinds of embarrassing things that happen in the process of giving birth naturally sometimes make people really want to get into the “hole”. < / P > < p > perhaps most people’s definition of natural labor still stays in the pain of finger opening, but now there are painless needles, which can greatly relieve the pain of childbirth. But for the puerpera, the pain of childbirth can endure no matter how hard it is. Compared with painless needle, what they need more is “dignity”! < / P > < p > during her pregnancy, Ms. Zhang’s physical fitness has always been very good, and she was also considered to be able to give birth naturally during the medical examination. But Ms. Zhang, who is full of confidence in childbirth, has been in a depressed mood on the day of childbirth, and even now she feels very humiliated. < / P > < p > on the day of delivery, Ms. Zhang said that when she felt the labor pains, she felt that her waist was broken once, so she didn’t know how long she had been through, and finally the cervix was opened. When I went into the waiting room, there was only one doctor inside. The doctor walked slowly with a liquid bottle in his hand. < / P > < p > in the process of walking step by step, Ms. Zhang said that she felt that the baby was about to be born and the pain was extremely unbearable, but the doctor didn’t care at all and asked her to go to the delivery room by herself. In this way, Ms. Zhang didn’t wear pants. She knelt on the ground and moved to the delivery room across the corridor until she was numb and went to the delivery bed < / P > < p > Ms. Zhang said that this kind of humiliation and pain I will never forget in my life. You know, compared with pain, this kind of production mode without dignity makes her feel more unforgettable. < / P > < p > on the day of giving birth, Ms. Liu was suddenly awakened by labor pains at about 11:00 p.m., so she was hospitalized in the hospital in advance for labor, but she was not too flustered. Because the body is too painful, Ms. Liu can’t help shouting a few times, came to the nurse after examination said “really delicate, this has not begun to hurt it!” < / P > < p > finally, at more than 6:00 in the morning, Ms. Liu had reached the condition of natural labor, because she had tried hard for several times and didn’t learn how to give birth. As a result, the nurse took off her gloves and said, “I’ll find my feelings slowly and call them when I’m about to give birth.” Because of this attitude, Ms. Liu’s husband tried to lose his temper several times, but was held by her mother-in-law, which made the atmosphere of the whole ward awkward. < / P > < p > in this way, until the doctor changed shifts, the doctor was very gentle and told Ms. Liu to work hard on her little skills, so the child was born soon. In Ms. Liu’s opinion, she still keeps in mind the sharp words the nurses said, and feels very aggrieved every time she thinks about them. < / P > < p > you know, as a novice mother, how helpless she was at that time, but when she was in pain and helpless and asked the nurse for help, they were laughing at her pettiness. < / P > < p > Ms. Jin’s son, who was born in the maternal and child health care hospital, went to the hospital at about 3 a.m. and didn’t enter the delivery room until more than 8 a.m. Although the period is only five hours, the production speed is really fast, but for Ms. Jin, the process is hard to say. < / P > < p > because Ms. Jin’s uterine opening is very fast, every wave of pain is very strong, especially when she opens her 8 fingers, she can’t stand up. At that time, the attitude of the nurses was very irritating. They kept yelling at me to get up and walk, while they just dragged me directly. In this way, they dragged me into the delivery room. < / P > < p > after I climbed to the delivery bed with pain, the doctor asked me to lift my buttocks all the time, but I didn’t move because I didn’t understand. As a result, the doctor slapped me hard on the leg and yelled, “can’t you understand me? Lift my buttocks! Raise your hips While I was lying on the bed, several nurses were standing on one side chatting and laughing, which made me cry silently. < / P > < p > after listening to these pregnant women, it’s really painful to cry. Giving birth to a child is a thing that destroys the strength of a woman. At this time, a little contradiction can make the mother’s mood collapse. This kind of feeling also feels helpless. Pets