Compulsory fees for jitiburg kindergarten in Chanba ecological zone of Xi’an? Response: the person in charge has been interviewed

Xi’an, Oct. 14 (Xinhua) recently, a netizen from Chanba ecological zone of Xi’an city left a message to Wang Hao, Secretary of Xi’an municipal Party committee, through the message board of the people’s network, saying that the kindergarten charged 2250 yuan for each child’s class fee for the reason that the Education Bureau after inclusive Education asked to stop taking characteristic courses, and the kindergarten did not issue any charging bills. Therefore, I hope to get help from relevant departments through online message. < p > < p > based on the reason that the Education Bureau of Chanba asked to stop special classes after inclusive education, it forced each child to charge 2250 yuan, and did not issue any bills. Parents were also asked to make a unified statement against the inspection and told them that if the Education Bureau called to ask, they would deny it, otherwise the quality of teaching would not be guaranteed. < / P > < p > in accordance with the relevant regulations on the management of kindergarten fees, kindergartens shall not charge children’s parents any additional fees in the name of cultivating children’s special skills, organizing or participating in competitions, except for receiving insurance teaching fees, board fees, physical examination fees and insurance fees. Through on-the-spot inspection of the kindergarten fee announcement and fee bills, and telephone communication and interview with some parents, it is not found that Chanba jitibao kindergarten forced to charge each child 2250 yuan for characteristic courses. < / P > < p > our bureau has interviewed relevant persons in charge of kindergartens and the jitiburg education group, requiring them to standardize their school running behaviors, strictly implement various charging management regulations, and strictly prohibit providing services for compulsory or disguised compulsory collection of fees. Kindergartens have promised in writing that they will strictly implement the charging regulations and inclusive policies, consciously accept supervision and inspection, voluntarily accept punishment for breach of promise, and bear corresponding legal responsibilities. The staff of the Education Bureau of our commission have contacted you and hope that they can provide clues for further verification. You are welcome to continue to pay attention to and supervise our work. Focus