Contraceptive methods are very different. Seeing the contraceptive methods in the United States, netizens: envy American women

To a certain extent, the liberation of sex is due to the development of contraception. Contraception not only keeps population growth under control, but also frees and releases many people. < p > < p > through contraception, women can control whether they want to get pregnant and decide their own reproductive rights. This has greatly improved the status of women. There are commonly used contraceptive methods in various countries. What are the commonly used contraceptive methods in various countries? In many countries, contraception is the most popular form of contraception from the United States. < p > < p > Jiaxin has been traveling and studying abroad for two years. Families in many countries are deeply aware of the different charm of different parts of the world. Jia Xin, who has traveled abroad and studied abroad, is deeply aware of the huge differences in lifestyle between China and abroad, not only in diet, but also in culture and ideology. Even women’s contraceptive measures are different. < p > < p > India’s territory is not vast, but its population is almost equal to that of China. India’s contraceptive methods are almost zero, and they believe in religion, do not use contraception, and do not allow abortion. Because of the lack of contraceptive measures, the status of women in India is low, and they have no right to determine whether they can have children, and the phenomenon of male preference in India is also very serious. Due to its unique contraceptive methods, the United States has become the envy of many female netizens with contraceptive needs. Women in the United States do not need contraception. Contraception is a male affair. Many men will go to the hospital to inject contraception, so that women will not worry and trouble because of contraception. One of the most common contraceptive methods in China is condom, and the other is the contraceptive ring that women will wear. Contraceptive ring hurt a lot of women’s body, causing a lot of women’s gynecological inflammation in varying degrees. < p > < p > nowadays, the new generation of women prefer to use condoms, and middle-aged women use contraceptive ring more often. Condom can not only prevent contraception, but also prevent most sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, it can protect women. But condoms also have some side effects. The lubricant inside is not a good thing for a woman’s vagina. < p > < p > British women usually use contraceptive injections or buried contraceptives under the skin for contraception. China’s overall fertility rate is relatively low, both women and men have a greater demand for contraception. The British government has even introduced a lot of measures to improve the aging situation in Britain, hoping that the people will have more children. < / P > < p > this is the most painful way to operate. Through surgery, the device is implanted into the female body, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception, such as the common contraceptive ring. < / P > < p > this contraceptive method is not only easy to cause inflammation in the human body. And more likely to cause deformation of other organs, pressure on other organs. Appliance contraception is a kind of contraception which has a lot of harm but no benefit. < p > < p > now the contraceptive technology is very perfect. The common short-term contraceptives, such as Marvelon, yoshiyue and Yasmin, are not only harmless to women’s health, but also have certain benefits. Short term contraceptives are also a choice for some women who have undergone abortion and need to be treated for acne and acne. People should change the general concept of medical contraception and think that the use of medical contraception is harmful. There are three kinds of common contraceptives on the market, including short-term contraceptives, long-term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives. Among them, short-term and long-term contraceptives are beneficial to the body, and only emergency contraceptives are harmful to the body. However, medical contraception can only be recommended for long-term stable sexual partners, because although medicine is contraception, but there is no condom to ensure that it can not isolate sexually transmitted diseases. Nowadays, life is more and more free and the demand for contraception is also higher and higher. Contraception as the needs of the majority of young people, contraception is also of great significance for eugenics and eugenics. 08/16/2020