COPD patients discharged from hospital, but also do a good job in the seven family care, recovery quickly

When autumn comes, the weather will gradually cool down. Many COPD patients will have a cold phenomenon, which makes the original cough and expectoration symptoms attack repeatedly. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of cold, so as not to affect the bronchus, lungs and heart. When the weather turns cold, it is necessary to keep warm and warm. Appropriate clothes should be added or removed to keep the room temperature at about 18 degrees. Masks and gloves should be worn when going out. The occurrence of COPD is closely related to smoking. Nicotine and tar in tobacco can inhibit the ciliary movement of trachea and induce bronchospasm. Therefore, patients must stop the inhalation of tobacco. Patients with smoking in the family should also avoid smoking in front of patients, so as to avoid the influence of second-hand smoke on disease. < / P > < p > for patients with COPD, they should rest at home as much as possible after treatment, and they can go out for activities when the weather is better. With the acceleration of industrialization, more and more toxic gases will stay in the air, such as sulfur dioxide, coal dust and cotton dust, which can easily stimulate the tracheal mucosa and damage the lung function. Therefore, patients should avoid going to places with more smoke and dust. In daily life, we should strengthen the protection of respiratory tract. When cleaning at home, we should wear masks to avoid dust inhalation. < / P > < p > patients with COPD can carry out breathing training by themselves in the process of home care. They should learn abdominal breathing and lip retraction breathing, which can reduce the frequency of breathing. Lip retraction breathing is mainly inhaled by nose. When exhaling, pursed lips are pursed and slowly blowing to keep exhaling. The time is 2-4 times of inspiratory time. Breathing training can improve the ventilation function of the lung, which is helpful to improve the ventilation function of the lung The patient’s symptoms improved. < / P > < p > with the aggravation of respiratory load, many patients with COPD will consume a lot of energy. It is necessary to supplement sufficient nutrition for patients to prevent malnutrition. To develop good eating habits, eat less meals, eat more food rich in vitamins and cellulose, pay attention to the intake of nutrition. < / P > < p > patients with COPD will take home care after treatment, and can carry out long-term family nursing, which can relieve the symptoms of patients, improve the quality of life of patients, and prolong the survival time of patients. Generally, they need to use nasal catheter for oxygen inhalation. The time of oxygen inhalation every day needs to be judged according to the patient’s condition < / P > < p > patients with COPD must keep good in home care Good mood, at the same time, family members should also analyze the patient’s condition and mental state, help patients to solve their problems, and establish the confidence of patients in treatment. < / P > < p > for the daily care of the disease, we should be cautious, start from the trivial things in daily life, establish a long-term health macro, avoid the emergence of high-risk factors, at the same time, we should reduce the factors that induce the disease, prevent the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and help to improve the quality of life of patients. Skip to content