Cross border Stylist: Li Yuntao

With the new products of this year as the core, Sina fashion 2020 new beauty beauty list released the most popular and influential annual beauty products and dozens of annual beauty awards to commend the opinion leaders in the field of beauty. Under the background of the theme of style appreciation, the annual list was released. < p > < p > Li Yuntao Patrick Lee: international famous stylist, Professor of koefia International College, Italy, and the only designated modeling director of the star red carpet of the 19th-29th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival. He not only has an extraordinary influence in the beauty industry, but also has his own unique taste and opinion in the field of fashion. He likes to talk about fashion and modeling with his friends and stars, and he also likes to share the fashion experience with your fashion mentor. < / P > < p > this 2020 Sina fashion style award, Mr. Li Yuntao will appear as the general consultant of the style appreciation color makeup show. We are looking forward to more surprises from Mr. Li. PARRENT&CHILDREN