Denture most “fear” 4 things, if not pay attention to, is to leave hidden danger to oral health

If the denture is not thoroughly cleaned, it will lead to a series of problems, such as bad breath, no appetite, reduced taste of food, gastrointestinal function decline, and so on. It will also cause oral ulcer or dental caries due to the growth of a large number of bacteria. Therefore, the middle-aged and elderly men must carefully clean the denture, and clean the teeth with flowing water after each meal, so as to remove the residue adhering to the teeth in time to prevent the breeding of pathogenic bacteria. Do not use ordinary toothpaste and toothbrush to brush dentures, because the abrasives in them may damage the surface of resin dentures, shorten the service life and easily breed bacteria. The denture can be placed in low concentration of sodium bicarbonate solution regularly, because the pH value is weak alkaline, it can effectively inhibit the proliferation of surface fungi, generally once a week can be soaked. You can also choose the denture cleaning effervescent tablets on the market, soak for 5 ~ 10 minutes. < / P > < p > chewing sticky or hard food with dentures can easily cause tooth fracture or dislocation, and even damage the gums. Therefore, we should eat less nuts, sugar cane dumplings and crispy bones in daily life. Especially about a month before wearing denture, you need to eat soft and rotten food, which is conducive to adjusting discomfort. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat hard food completely. After your teeth get used to it, you can eat a little crispy or hard food once a week, which can exercise the masseter muscles and gums, but you can’t eat too much at one time. Cut large pieces of food into small pieces before chewing. < / P > < p > most men don’t pay attention to the details of life. They put the dentures directly on the table or wrap them with towel paper. It is not only unhygienic, but also can shorten the service life of dentures. Because of the influence of material, if the denture is put in the dry environment for a long time, it will crack and deform the denture. If the denture is slightly deformed, it will make people feel uncomfortable and stimulate the oral mucosa. The correct method is to take off the denture should be cleaned in time, and then soak in water, as far as possible in warm water, to avoid denture deformation. Do not soak in alcohol, salt water or vinegar water, because ordinary people can not master the ratio of materials and water, not only can not achieve bactericidal effect, but will corrode and dissolve dentures. In addition, the mouth should be kept clean and moist when wearing dentures. As long as you feel dry mouth, you should rinse your mouth immediately and drink more water during the period. < / P > < p > many men like to drink hot tea or hot soup, but pay attention to them after wearing dentures. In fact, the denture itself is very resistant to cold and heat, but the gums can’t stand it. After wearing dentures, it can directly stimulate the gums. In addition, eating too hot food will make the gums become extremely sensitive, which will lead to oral discomfort. Therefore, do not eat foods that are too cold, overheated and too stimulating. If possible, pure titanium denture can be selected, which has low thermal conductivity, can effectively isolate hot and cold stimulation, reduce the pain when eating, and effectively protect the gum. < / P > < p > the middle-aged and elderly men should pay attention to the denture cleaning, brush their teeth once in the morning and in the evening, gargle with water after meals, and do not use mouthwash indiscriminately. During the period eat less too sweet and sticky food, can eat more vegetables and fruits and chewable peanuts, celery, etc., can effectively clean the surface of teeth, prevent dental caries. CUISINE&HEALTH