Depending on the famous cosmetics, millet rain will be stuffy acne, natural melody used up glossy face

There are many skin care products. We have heard of their names and often see them. In such a subtle environment, such skin care products are well known by more people and make more people have the desire to buy them. Whether they are suitable for themselves or not, we need to say something else.

through the practice of Xiaobian and his friends, I slowly found that these products are really based on fame. They are suitable for all skin types, but they are not. Now let’s talk about it quickly, so that we can’t get into the pit.

many people like this product. On the one hand, it’s because Keyan’s brand is very famous. On the other hand, it’s because many people listen to the recommendation of some fashion experts or bloggers. How about that?

every time we introduce Calendula koyana, we will say that it is the Savior of oil pox muscle, which can eliminate inflammation, regulate skin, fade acne print and shrink pores. However, after the acne growers around Xiaobian used it, she felt it sticky on her face, which was not easy to absorb. After touching for a period of time, the skin on her face would turn yellow, so she had to look more when choosing.

Shiseido is a famous Japanese brand. There are many young people will choose these brands of facial cleanser, feel that the more famous the more easy to use, but this Shiseido Beauty Specialist, I don’t know if you have used it.

this facial cleanser is mainly for deep cleaning, washing out the dirt inside the skin, giving smooth skin, and not tight after washing. But used a small partner to Xiaobian said, its cleaning strength is really strong, known as “peeling” facial cleanser.

and after washing the face, the skin will be very dry, some wear-resistant skin has been washed into sensitive muscle, it’s really terrible to think about it. Here’s the cleanser. Do you want it? Anyway, Xiaobian doesn’t want it.

the mystery of sea blue is already a big brand, and its price is also very high. Some friends saw that Weiya had brought the goods with them, and thought it was really good. Even if it was expensive, it would have certain benefits.

, in fact, its face cream is greasy and hard to push away. The key is that some of them will be pox and easy to emulsify. Shopping is all for beauty, but it’s counterproductive. It’s irritating to think about it.

it’s said that Guyu is also on a certain tone, which shows that the current skin care advertisements like to be on a certain tone. It’s really popular.

seeing a lot will attract people’s attention and generate the desire to buy. I don’t know if other small partners have had such experience, so Xiaobian started this whitening milk can.

because Xiaobian is eager to whiten, she pays a lot of attention to whitening skin care products. After getting started, Xiaobian felt that it was very dry when she touched her face. She not only didn’t replenish water, but also wanted to suck up the water on her face. It was really an unacceptable product. At the same time, it also had pimples. Originally, oily skin was easy to grow pimples, which made it worse.

I remember clearly that when Xiaobian ran out of water, he wanted to buy a bottle. Then he bought it because of the nice name and the effect of the introduction. When he came back, he was a little disappointed. The capacity is very large, but it’s not easy to absorb when touching the face, which makes the whole face glossy.

Xiaobian always looks at the efficacy of the product when making choices, and then looks at whether it has a certain popularity, whether there will be a lot of comments, if these are all available, he will start decisively, so sometimes the things he buys may not be very suitable for him.

Xiaobian uses this method to select products. If some partners and Xiaobian have the same choice, we can discuss with each other how to choose products. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this