Depression: do you want to check liver function during medication for depression? How often?

When patients with depression take medicine to treat depression, there will always be some rejection psychology in their heart. They think that taking medicine will hurt their own body and our brain. In fact, most of these worries are superfluous and overblown. As long as we take medicine according to the doctor’s advice, there will be security.

of course, medication will certainly have some minor side effects, such as drowsiness, obesity and so on. In addition, it will also affect our liver function indicators.

there are more or less certain toxins in drugs. Don’t worry and interpret them too much. It’s normal. Everything has both advantages and disadvantages. We should see more aspects that are beneficial to ourselves.

for example, taking medicine to treat depression is definitely the first choice for people above moderate. If you don’t carry out drug intervention, you may be more and more serious. In order to reduce losses and eliminate bad consequences, you need to use drugs to intervene to help you recover better. 08/16/2020