Diarrhea, remember 15 prescriptions of 5 Chinese medical masters

Diarrhea, as we usually call it “diarrhea”, is a disease characterized by increased frequency of defecation, loose stool, and even watery diarrhea. It is mainly caused by dereliction of duty of spleen and stomach transportation function and excessive dampness. Some patients are suffering from diarrhea all year round. In the treatment of diarrhea, we must learn from the experience of the masters of traditional Chinese medicine.

dangshen 12g, Baizhu 10g, Fuling 20g, Alisma 12g, Guizhi 6G, Magnolia 10g, Amomum villosum 8g, coix seed 30g, simmered nutmeg 10g, Terminalia chebula 12g, ginger 3 pieces, jujube 5 pieces, fried licorice 6G.

chronic diarrhea belongs to patients with weak spleen and stomach. The symptoms include diarrhea, incomplete grain, pale complexion, emaciation, fatigue, abdominal distension, fat tongue, tooth marks, light tongue, white and greasy fur, and slow pulse.

Fructus Mume 20g, Fructus Schisandrae 10g, Fructus Corni 10g, papaya 15g, Rhizoma Pinelliae 10g, dried ginger 10g, ginger 10g, Codonopsis 15g, jujube 10g, Coptis 6G, Scutellaria 6G, Psoralea 10g, nutmeg 10g, Aucklandia 10g, Pueraria 10g, fried licorice 10g.

agastache stem 10g, fried coix seed 15g, fried lentils 10g, fried tangerine peel 5g, Jiaozha charcoal 10g, Poria cocos 10g, Tongcao 3G, Alisma orientalis 10g, pelan 10g, chuanhuanglian 3G, Muxiang 3G, Atractylodes lancea and Atractylodes macrocephala 10g each.

soybean roll 12g, stir fried Atractylodes macrocephala 9g, guangmuxiang 6G, bupleurum 4.5g, Xiebai 12g, chenxiangqu 9g, Huanglian 6G, doudouhua 12g, Zhishi 4.5g, Baishao 9g, baidoukou 24g.

Chishizhi 9g, lianrou 9g, fulonggan 9g, nutmeg 2.4G, clove 1.5g, Huoxiang 4.5g, Atractylodes lancea 4.5g, coix seed 12g, Xiangsha Liujunzi pill 12g.

chronic enteritis belongs to deficiency of spleen and kidney. The symptoms include many times of defecation, Qi at the beginning, loose stools at the end, mental fatigue, backache and abdominal distension.

dangshen 9g, Chishizhi 15g, fulonggan 12g, huoxiangtang 6G, shilianrou 15g, yam 15g, coix seed 12g, chenxiangqu 9g, Atractylodes macrocephala 9g, Atractylodes macrocephala 9g.

recipe 1: fried Astragalus 15g, fried dangshen 10g, jiaobaizhu 10g, fried yam 15g, Fuling 15g, fried licorice 3G, Schisandra chinensis 3G, fried Cimicifuga 5g, lotus leaf 10g, fried Fangfeng 10g, jiaoshenqu 15g. Formula 2: Radix Ophiopogonis 15g, Radix Pseudostellariae 15g, stir fried yam 15g, stir fried Astragalus 15g, Scutellaria baicalensis 10g, aster 15g, almond 10g, Fritillaria thunbergii 10g, Poria cocos 15g, stir fried licorice 3G, stir fried Fructus aurantii 10g, Angelica sinensis 10g.

diarrhea belongs to spleen lung qi deficiency. Symptoms include diarrhea, constipation after stopping diarrhea, diarrhea and constipation attack alternately, irregular, mostly loose stool, abdominal distension, mental fatigue, shortness of breath when moving, light red tongue, thin white fur and thin pulse string.

stir fried Radix Paeoniae Alba 20g, Fructus Mume charcoal 15g, stir fried papaya 15g, Albizia julibrissin 10g, Albizia julibrissin 10g, malt 30g, cicada slough 3G, silkworm excrement 15g, Wuyao 10g, stir fried Fangfeng 10g, jiaobaizhu 10g, Fuling 15g, stir fried tangerine peel 6G, Zhigancao 3G, jujube 7 pieces, jiaoshenqu 15g.

irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of liver and spleen. The symptoms of diarrhea are as follows: the amount of diarrhoea is less than that of water, the pain after diarrhoea is reduced, abdominal pain, bowel sounds, mental fatigue, tongue coating, tongue quality is normal, and the number of pulse strings is small.

Huanglian 3G, Huoxiang 12g, Huangbai 10g, Huangqin 10g, shanzhizi 8g, Xuanshen 15g, guangyujin 10g, chaobaizhu 12g, honeysuckle 15g, Lianqiao 15g, Cangzhu 10g, yanhusuo 12g, chaoguya 15g, chaomalt 15g, Chenpi 10g, Zhigancao 3G.

diarrhea belongs to phlegm dampness stagnation fire. The symptoms included abdominal paroxysmal dull pain, thin and smelly stool, vomiting of stomach contents, yellow urine, red tongue, greasy yellow fur and smooth pulse.

Huoxiang 15g, Huanglian 3G, zhichuanpu 10g, chaochenpi 10g, chaoyiren 30g, chaojineijin 10g, chaodangshen 10g, jiaobaizhu 10g, paojiangtan 6G, Yizhiren 15g, Hezi 15g, Buguzhi 10g, Fuling 15g, Zhigancao 5g.

chronic diarrhea belongs to Yang deficiency of spleen and kidney. The symptoms include loose stools and diarrhea, no pain in bowel sounds, dispirited spirit, thin shape, lazy speech, pale tongue, yellow and greasy fur, and deep and thin pulse.

jiaobaizhu 10g, roasted yam 20g, yunfuling 15g, roasted licorice 5g, roasted peony 20g, roasted Fangfeng 10g, roasted tangerine peel 6G, simmered Muxiang 6G, Yizhiren 10g, Psoralea 10g, Agrimonia 20g, jiaoshanzha 12g, jiaoshenqu 12g, Gaoliangjiang 6G.

diarrhea is a disorder of liver, spleen and kidney. The symptoms are diarrhea, abdominal pain before diarrhea is faint, pain after diarrhea is reduced, abdominal distension is full, food is little, fatigue is weak, complexion is withered and yellow, tongue texture is light, tongue coating is thin and white, and pulse is thin with strings.

raw Astragalus 15g, dangshen 12g, fried Atractylodes macrocephala 10g, fried yam 15g, jianlianzi 12g, fried coix seed 30g, Poria cocos 30g, huoshandendrobium 15g, simmered Pueraria 15g, tangerine peel 6G, Amomum villosum 6G, fried millet bud 15g.

enterogenous diarrhea belongs to deficiency of both qi and Yin. Symptoms include diarrhea, watery stool, mental fatigue, lack of appetite, weak legs, red tongue, less moss and weak pulse.

American ginseng 9g, stir fried Atractylodes macrocephala 12g, Poria cocos 30g, raw coix seed 30g, stir fried yam 18G, lotus seed meat 15g, trichosanthin 10g, Dendrobium 15g, Ophiopogon japonicus 10g, stewed Terminalia 12g, stir fried Paeonia lactiflora 18G, roasted licorice 6G, Chuanshanlong 30g, Sangzhi 15g, sangsheng 30g, stir fried lentils 12g, stir fried malt 15g, Guya 15g.

diarrhea is characterized by spleen deficiency, excessive dampness and deficiency of stomach yin. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, heartburn, dry mouth and nose, less absorption, light tongue, white and greasy fur, tooth marks and thin pulse strings.

dangshen 12g, fried Atractylodes macrocephala 12g, ginger 6G, fried licorice 6G, Coptis 4G, Muxiang 6G, jiaoshanzha, jiaoshenqu, jiaomalt 12g each, Fuling 30g, fried coix seed 30g, fried grain bud 15g, fried Alisma orientalis 12g.

diarrhea belongs to spleen deficiency and intestinal heat. The symptoms include sticky stool, dry mouth, like hot drink, cold waist and abdomen, bowel sounds, poor urination, poor appetite, red tongue, yellow and greasy fur, and pulse number. 08/16/2020