Disharmony between spleen and stomach makes it difficult to sit and lie down! The stomach is not good, also cannot sleep well at night, before going to bed a glass of water to insist on drinking!

The stomach is an important organ of our body, which is mainly used to digest food. However, the cause of stomach disease is not only because of eating food into the mouth, but also many other reasons, such as irregular diet in daily life, high work pressure, unable to eat on time, often eating out.

gastritis is a common gastric disease. It refers to the inflammation and pathological changes of gastric mucosa in the stomach, so it is called gastritis. It is also one of the common diseases of digestive system. There are many types of gastritis, including acute gastritis, chronic gastritis and some special types of gastritis.

there are many causes of gastritis, and different causes lead to different symptoms of gastritis. The etiology of acute gastritis is often caused by pressure, drugs, alcohol or trauma. The causes of chronic gastritis include decreased immunity, duodenal reflux and gastric reflux. Some special gastritis is caused by many other causes.

this cup of tea can remove the pathogenic bacteria above the gastric mucosa, so it can eliminate the root cause, inhibit and eliminate Helicobacter pylori, and help to promote the repair of gastric mucosa. Regular drinking before going to bed can relieve stomach pain and improve stomach problems. Also has the tonic function to the stomach, has the old stomach sickness’s person to drink frequently, can nourish the stomach.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says “three parts of medicine, seven parts of nourishment”. To maintain a good stomach, we must maintain normal gastric motility, improve gastric mucosa, and pay attention to three points in daily life.

1. Eat more “yellow food”, which includes corn, carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin. These foods are good “stomach medicine” for warmth. If the stomach is not good people usually eat more, not only can effectively help the repair of gastric mucosa, but also to maintain the stomach has a good role.

2. You can eat more foods rich in vitamin C, for example, some fruits with high natural vitamin C content. It has the nutritional function required by human body function and can effectively prevent the occurrence of sepsis.

3. Use dried fruit frequently. When the usual diet can not fully supplement the body nutrition of patients, we should eat more dried fruits. Dried fruit contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B and a variety of nutrients. It has a restorative effect on stomach disease.

Finally, pay attention to the appropriate temperature of food. Warm food is appropriate to avoid food into the stomach caused by stimulation. In addition, people with a bad stomach should pay attention to their diet. On the other hand, these people should keep a good attitude. Only a good mood can help them recover from stomach disease. 08/16/2020