Do hair dyes really cause cancer? The latest findings are surprising

Hair dyeing has long been a fashion trend for young people. When Dr. x walks on the road, he can see all kinds of hair colors. He not only sighs that time has not been forgiven ~ < / P > < p > but there are still a lot of controversies about hair dyeing. The main reason is that hair dyeing can cause cancer. For the sake of health and beauty, Dr. x will take you today to make clear and clear the issue of “hair dye does not cause cancer”. < p > < p > · on December 3, 2019, the international alliance against cancer showed that permanent dyes increased the risk of breast cancer in black women by 45%, and by 7% in white women. < / P > < p > · on June 9, 2017, Oxford University Press showed that different hair color and softness products can increase the risk of breast cancer in different groups of people. The International Cancer Agency IARC of the World Health Organization has concluded that there is limited evidence in humans that occupational exposure to hairdressers is carcinogenic, and there is not enough evidence to suggest that personal use of hair dyes is carcinogenic. < / P > < p > · in the latest study on September 2, 2020, one of the world’s top four top medical journals published a study on the relationship between the use of permanent hair dyes and cancer risk and mortality. According to the study, the carcinogenicity caused by personal use of hair dyes is still unclear. However, there is no strong association between hair dye and cancer in the occasional hair dye group. The use of qualified hair dye products, and control the frequency, do not have to tangle carcinogenesis. Black sesame and black beans can have black hair, but it’s not because of the so-called eating black and tonifying black. The melanin in food can’t be directly turned into black on the head! However, black sesame and black beans are rich in protein, B vitamins and trace elements, which are the nutrients needed by hair. If you eat it regularly, it has the effect of Tonifying the liver and kidney and replenishing qi. Sufficient kidney qi is beneficial to the growth of hair, and Qi and blood is sufficient to fix and reduce hair loss. It has a certain effect on hair loss and white hair caused by such problems. B vitamins also exist in a large number of grains, so diet staple food is easy to lose hair, this is also easy to fill up. To sum up, Dr. x wants to say that it’s OK for us to insist on eating. Even if you are not caused by such problems, it’s OK to nourish your body. After all, it’s all natural food. < / P > < p > if you have concerns and don’t stop eating because of choking, if you really want to dye, we can also choose semi permanent hair dye and temporary hair dye instead of permanent hair dye. Privacy Policy