“Do not use forceps, let me try again” a maternal plea, for children to avoid the pain of forceps

The answer is full of unknowns and uncertainties. Even if you choose natural production, the production may not be as smooth as the literal meaning. Laceration, lateral incision, dystocia These are the conditions that may be encountered in natural childbirth.

in a few cases, pregnant women will encounter dystocia, so what should we do if the fetus is stuck on the way? At this time, the doctor will use a tool called “forceps” midwifery.

yu’er has finally reached the due date of delivery by day and night. She is worried at home every day and plans the due date of delivery. One day, in the middle of the night, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. Yu’er woke her husband up quickly. Because it was started in the middle of the night, she packed up her belongings and rushed to the hospital, wasting a lot of time.

after arriving at the hospital, yu’er’s palace entrance had been opened enough, and she was sent to the delivery room immediately in case of emergency. After giving birth for more than an hour, yu’er was exhausted, but unexpectedly, her baby got stuck in the half of the birth canal.

in a trance, yu’er heard the doctor and the nurse beside her say, “take the forceps.” Originally extremely weak, she was awakened by this sentence for fear that the cold forceps might hurt her baby. In order to protect her child from the pain of forceps, yu’er insisted on saying to the doctor, “don’t use forceps. Let me try again.”

when the doctor saw that the puerpera insisted on this, yu’er had done her homework before giving birth and heard of the kneeling delivery posture. So, with the help of nurses and doctors, he changed his posture difficultly and was tossed so much that he finally gave birth to a child.

with the baby’s loud cry, yu’er finally felt at ease on the delivery bed. Looking at her blue lips and bloodless face, she could not help but sigh about her courage and greatness as a mother.

forceps are mainly used in the second stage of labor. When the uterine orifice of the puerpera is open, and the baby enters the birth canal, because the head is too large or the head position is too low, it can not be delivered smoothly with the help of the puerpera. At this time, the doctor will use forceps, midwives help to avoid accidents.

thinking that a unborn child will experience the pain of forceps, mothers will try their best to make the baby give birth naturally. However, will forceps really hurt the baby? Can leave sequela to puerpera body? The answer may not be the same as you think.

after all, with the help of external force, it will damage the birth canal of the puerpera to a certain extent, and there may be bleeding phenomenon, and the recovery speed after delivery will be slower than that of the normal natural delivery puerpera.

However, no matter whether forceps are used or not, natural labor is more or less accompanied by bleeding. Moreover, as long as the postpartum care is taken seriously, it will not cause too much impact on the body.

the shape of forceps is smooth without edges and corners. As long as the doctor is skilled and the forceps are placed properly, it will not cause irreparable damage to the baby’s brain and appearance.

the use of forceps is actually the same as the extrusion of the birth canal, giving the baby an external force. May use forceps to leave a red mark on the baby’s face, but three or five days can subside, the slowest is not more than a month.

the steps of cesarean section need anesthesia and disinfection Some of the preparation work, need a certain amount of time, the belly of the fetus can not wait so long.

even if the medical staff are ready for caesarean section at any time, in such an emergency, every minute of waiting will increase the risk of fetal asphyxia.

if you go to the step of using forceps, it means that the head of the fetus has gone down to the birth canal or even out of the head. If you go to caesarean section again, you need to pull the fetus back from the birth canal.

at this moment, the time and risk of the fetus coming out from below is far less than the choice of “coming out from above”. Even if the forceps are used, it is also for the sake of safety.

of course, the hospital will also let experienced doctors to practice, and the fetus may be delivered in a very short moment. Compared with acute caesarean section, this is the best way. Skip to content