Do you feel thirsty in the middle of the night? It’s better to know these three reasons early and pay attention to them

Keep healthy and get enough water. During sleeping, keep comfortable and don’t often have any bad symptoms. Some people always feel dry when they sleep at night. Frequent dry mouth is related to many reasons. It should be alleviated through reasonable measures. If it is related to the development of some types of diseases, symptomatic treatment is very important. Otherwise, long time dry mouth will cause obvious discomfort in the mouth and lead to insomnia during sleep. The relevant reasons need to be explored, and timely response to restore health.

if you often feel dry mouth in the process of sleeping, you need to know whether there are oral lesions. During the development of many oral diseases, oral discomfort of patients is obvious, especially periodontal disease and gingivitis. When these types of diseases develop, local inflammation occurs, oral health environment is destroyed, and even bacteria breed.

the oral cavity can not maintain a healthy environment, which can also stimulate the dry feeling of oral mucosa, sometimes accompanied by bad breath. Therefore, inexplicably feel dry mouth obviously, it is best to check the oral cavity in time to see if there are lesions, in order to targeted examination and treatment to restore health.

sleep at night always dry mouth, need to check their blood sugar is normal. Many people’s blood sugar is significantly increased, and even have the trend of diabetes. In the process of the development of the disease, the increase of blood sugar and the decline of islet function will lead to the stimulation of the oral cavity, which will also produce a sense of dryness. This is the reason why many people have dry mouth when they sleep. It can be slowly relieved by adding enough water.

However, if the amount of water is too much, the amount of urine excretion will become more, and it may be necessary to get up and go to the toilet many times at night. In view of the symptoms of dry mouth caused by diabetes, we should control blood sugar reasonably to help improve, and medication should also be correct. By stabilizing the condition, we can improve the feeling of dry mouth.

sleep inexplicably dry mouth, to understand whether their thyroid function is normal. Thyroid belongs to the endocrine organ, to maintain normal thyroid function, thyroid hormone can be secreted and participate in various physiological processes, but many people cause hyperthyroidism because of a large number of thyroid hormone secretion, during the onset of the body metabolism speed up, sympathetic nervous excitement, many patients will have sweating, fear of heat, emotional fluctuations, insomnia and so on.

when the secretion of sweat is large, the mouth is more likely to be dry after water loss. If it is suspected to be caused by hyperthyroidism in combination with other physical manifestations, it should be improved by symptomatic treatment to prevent continuous abnormal thyroid function threatening health.

to sum up, we always feel that the mouth is dry and need to suspect the disease, because it is not a normal phenomenon that the mouth is often dry. The body has sufficient water, and the mouth maintains a healthy environment, so we rarely feel that the mouth is dry. If the formation of the disease, the need for symptomatic medication, in addition, usual oral care to do a good job, sooner or later brushing, gargle after meals are very important. 08/17/2020