Do you need to be “confidential” at the beginning of pregnancy? Three types of people need to be informed in advance, in order to be a good mother and baby

Data show that the rate of spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy is about 10% ~ 15%, that is to say, abortion may occur once in every ten pregnancies. < / P > < p > but no matter in real life or among stars, almost every pregnant mother in the early stage of pregnancy is consciously or unconsciously hiding the fact that she is pregnant. < / P > < p > but the problem also follows. Xiaoya has been weak since she was pregnant, and a little bleeding appeared some time ago. Xiaoya has been worried about the safety of her baby, and as a result, her health is getting worse day by day. < / P > < p > after careful discussion, the couple decided not to tell her mother-in-law first, and then told her mother-in-law after the relatively poor stability of the early pregnancy and the complete stability of the fetus. < / P > < p > in order to have a rest, Xiaoya reported to the leaders of the unit, explained her physical condition, and the leaders also expressed their understanding, so as to reduce the workload of Xiaoya and let Xiaoya have a baby at ease. < / P > < p > many people deliberately hide in the early stage of pregnancy and are unwilling to tell their relatives and friends. Stars usually wait until after three months of pregnancy to announce, mainly for two reasons. < / P > < p > the spontaneous abortion rate in early pregnancy is 10% ~ 15%, so many wishes are facing the risk of failure. Early pregnancy embryo instability, may be affected by internal, external factors and other multiple effects of threatened abortion. < / P > < p > if you tell the people around you too early, the pregnant mother is easy to become the focus of attention. Once the baby is not saved, the pregnant mother will receive a lot of extra attention, which will make the pregnant mother feel more sad. < / P > < p > children are the crystallization of parents’ love. Although pregnancy is the change of pregnant mother’s body, it is a matter for two people, and the most important thing to do with it is the father to be. < / P > < p > tell your father to be immediately after you find out that you are pregnant and share the good news with him. Mothers to be can go to the hospital for early prenatal examination accompanied by your father. < / P > < p > in order to avoid the rare inaccuracy of early pregnancy test paper, and further determine the intrauterine pregnancy and the number of embryos, pregnant mothers should not forget to do the prenatal examination, blood test, urine test and B-ultrasound examination in time. < / P > < p > blood and urine tests can check the secretion of hCG, progesterone and other hormones in the body of pregnant women, while B-ultrasound can accurately see the number of embryos and implantation position. If the gestational age reaches 7-8 weeks, pregnant women can also see the fetal pressure, fetal heart rate and so on. < / P > < p > ① pregnant mothers can make an appointment with the hospital telephone in advance, and arrive at the scene about 10-15 minutes in advance after the appointment, which saves time. < / P > < p > ② if Bao’s parents don’t make an appointment in advance, they can let Bao’s mother get out of the car first and queue up, while dad goes to park first, which can not only save some time, but also make pregnant mother walk less. < / P > < p > ③ in most hospitals, there are more people in the morning and less in the afternoon, and pregnant mothers can also choose to go to the prenatal examination in the afternoon. B ultrasound doctor’s lunch break is generally around 11-14 o’clock, it is recommended that pregnant mothers avoid this period. < / P > < p > ④ the examination before 8 weeks of pregnancy does not need to detect liver function, blood sugar, etc., it does not need fasting examination, pregnant mother can eat breakfast, or prepare some food to do the examination. < / P > < p > Xiaoya didn’t tell her mother-in-law about her pregnancy, but told her leaders. This decision is very wise. Early pregnancy need moderate rest, pregnant mother timely inform leadership, can appropriately reduce work pressure, which is good for baby development. < / P > < p > gestation Island, a professional pregnancy and parenting team, multi platform high-quality creators, pay attention to me, nutrition and health during pregnancy, child growth education, give you professional guidance. 2