Do you want to clean your urine? Why do some women not want to wipe it? Don’t laugh after watching

Men and women’s body structure is different, the male urine shiver can, do not need to use a paper towel to wipe. But women are different. If they don’t wipe with paper towel, some urine will remain on the skin. If they don’t wipe it, they will feel very wet. But not all women will wipe with paper after urination, and some women are not willing to wipe. Why? Do you want to use it or not?

female urethra is short. If it is not wiped after urination, urine will remain on the skin, causing local humidity. There are bacteria in the following. Bacteria like humid environment, and they will breed in large quantities. They always do not wipe. It is easy to damage the local flora environment, breed more bacteria and let bacteria enter the body.

if you don’t wipe it, it will cost you a lot of underwear. The residual urine will drip on the underwear, which will easily turn yellow and hard in the middle of the underwear, which will accelerate the aging of the underwear material. Originally, a pair of underpants can be worn for 3-6 months, but if you don’t wipe them regularly, they may turn yellow and hard in less than three months. Underwear yellow hair hard, means that the underwear material aging, need to throw away for a new, or bad for the health below.

some women think toilet paper is dirty, with more bacteria and a lot of chemicals. When urinating, the urethra has just been washed clean by urine. At this time, if you wipe with toilet paper, the bacteria on the toilet paper will enter the urethra, which is easy to induce diseases.

in fact, this worry is not unreasonable, because the total number of colonies of some toilet paper is indeed high, and there are some toilet paper on the market which are of inferior quality and contain more chemical substances. But women also don’t worry too much, as long as you don’t use the following several kinds of toilet paper, all of which are produced by regular businesses. They are qualified and can be easily wiped.

usually, when we go to a restaurant to eat, the toilet paper provided in it is often very white and rough, which is very difficult to use. This kind of toilet paper can be used to wipe the table. It can’t be used to wipe the bottom. It often contains more fluorescent agents. Long term use of this toilet paper to wipe the bottom is not conducive to the health of the reproductive system.

of course, not only do some small restaurants have this kind of toilet paper, which is often cheaper, but some people usually buy it because it is cheap. But for women, too cheap paper is best not to use.

fragrant paper, mostly handkerchief paper, can be used to wipe hands or face, but can’t be used to wipe the bottom. The reason why paper has fragrance is that it contains perfume, and the resistance is relatively weak. It is better not to use these papers. In particular, some poor quality scented paper often add cheap perfume, which is extremely harmful to local health for a long time.

although wipes are not paper, some women use them to wipe them. They think that wipes are cleaner than paper and can be wiped more cleanly. However, this is a wrong perception. There are more chemicals added to the wipes than toilet paper. If you wipe them often, the environment of bacteria will be unbalanced. Moreover, after wiping, the bottom is often still wet, which is more likely to breed bacteria.

after women urinate, they need to wipe with paper towel, but not all paper can be used. It is better to use the paper with guaranteed quality produced by regular manufacturers. Do not use paper with three or no products, which are very rough to touch, and do not use wipes to prevent health damage. Focus