Doctor, how can I get cataracts when I’m so young? Are you kidding?

Some young people have cataract, did not know before, come to the hospital to check, it is very serious. There are also young people who have been diagnosed with cataracts and repeatedly ask me for confirmation, saying, doctor, are you kidding? I am still young, how can I get cataract. < / P > < p > I don’t have time to joke. In the past, cataract was indeed exclusive to the elderly, but now, young people suffer from cataract, which is very common in my outpatient department. Some people suffer from cataract because of hormone intake, kidney disease and other reasons. Some young people can not find a special cause. We can only suspect that it is related to the excessive eye load. < / P > < p > every operation day, I have 30-40-year-old surgical patients. A few days ago, I had surgery for two very young patients. They were only 17 and 19 years old. They were patients with acquired cataract who could not find a specific cause. The 17-year-old child, a herdsman, began to discover cataracts and 600 degree astigmatism at the age of 15. Thanks to the advanced equipment and technology, I used an astigmatism bifocal lens to solve his astigmatism, eyesight and cataract together. The postoperative visual acuity was 0.9 and the astigmatism was only 25 degrees. < / P > < p > I sorted out some symptoms that may appear in the early stage of cataract. No matter you are 60 years old or 30 years old, if your eyes have one or more of the following abnormal phenomena, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time: < / P > < P > because in the early stage of cataract, the lens swells due to the absorption of more water, and the epithelial cell gap is enlarged and filled with water droplets, which will occur when light passes through it It is also called Rainbow sight. < / P > < p > this is because the light is dark at night, and the pupil will naturally dilate. If the peripheral part of the lens becomes turbid and blocks the light, the vision at night will be worse than that in the daytime, which is called night blindness. < / P > < p > in addition to night blindness, some people show daytime blindness. If they suffer from posterior subcapsular cataract, the turbidity is located in the central area. When the light is bright during the day, the pupil will shrink, and the turbid area will block all the light entering the eye, and the vision will be poor. When you go back to the room, the pupil will be dilated, and the peripheral lens will be transparent, so the vision will be improved immediately. < / P > < p > the object is gradually blurred, sometimes I feel that there is an aperture around the light and the color of the object is not bright enough. If you drive at night, you will feel uncomfortable or fidgety because of the glare of the headlights on the opposite side. But generally speaking, the development of symptoms is rather slow, and depends on the position of the most turbid lens and its development process. One of the early symptoms of cataract is diplopia or diplopia. This is because the opacification in the crystalline body makes the refractive power of various parts of the lens uneven. For example, some places are turbid and some places are clear. Therefore, after the light passes through it, it will look like a prism, and there will be many images, resulting in diplopia or hyperopia. Generally speaking, the myopia degree of adults is basically stable. If the sudden deepening of myopia, and the deepening speed is very fast, such as a year growth of more than 200 degrees, it is very likely that cataract. < / P > < p > this is because cataracts increase the density of the lens of the eye, so the degree of myopia will be deepened accordingly. However, when many young people feel blurred vision, they will not think of cataract, but mistakenly think that it is the deepening of myopia. They just choose to go to the ordinary glasses shop for optometry and glasses. As a result, they find that the glasses are useless. This is probably the problem of cataract. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE