Doctor reminds: the foot appears one kind of abnormality frequently, may be the liver disease is serious, do not neglect

The importance of liver to the body is well known. It is one of the important organs to eliminate toxins in the body and speed up the metabolism of the body. But the incidence of liver disease in China is also very high, prevention and treatment of liver disease health is a very important thing. So where can we observe the health of liver at any time in our life? It is necessary to find out from the humble parts of the body that although the human foot is small in area, it has five internal organs, which can directly reflect the state of various internal organs of the body. If the internal organs of the body are attacked by the virus, there will be reactions in the body parts, and the health of the liver will be obviously reflected in the feet. If you find that your

liver is not good in your daily life, and your feet suddenly become swollen, you should pay attention to it, indicating that there may be something wrong with your liver. As we all know, the liver is an important organ for detoxification and metabolism, but it has not only the function of metabolism and detoxification, but also other functions, such as synthesis. We need to eat all kinds of food every day to maintain the body needs, but the body can’t directly absorb these, it needs to be hydrolyzed into glucose in the digestive tract to be absorbed. The liver also has the functions of filtering, decomposing, storing and producing bile, and these functions work for the normal operation of the human body.

when the liver function is damaged by the virus, its synthesis, filtration, decomposition, storage and bile production function will be destroyed, and then weakened. After the liver function is weakened, there will be corresponding reactions in all parts of the body. When there is swelling of the foot, it means that the synthetic function of the liver is destroyed. The synthesis function is destroyed, and the ability of liver to synthesize protein is reduced. At the same time, the virus is also destroying the immune ability of the body, and the body’s ability to absorb protein is reduced, which is not conducive to the exudation of plasma components. In this way, there will be reaction in the feet, and the feet will be swollen.

1. Keep a good habit of work and rest, go to bed early and get up early instead of staying up late, eat more fruits and vegetables and high protein food in the diet, and keep a light diet to ensure that the liver can receive nutrition in time.

2. Avoid overwork and have a timely rest. People with poor liver should not be tired. Fatigue will make the liver overdrawn for a long time, leading to more hepatocyte necrosis and aggravating liver disease.

3. Hepatitis B vaccine should be inoculated in time, which can help us to prevent hepatitis B, avoid virus infection, and has a good protective effect on the liver.

liver problems must be treated in time. If you find that your feet are swollen frequently, you should pay more attention. It is likely that your liver disease is serious. Don’t ignore this phenomenon. You must cooperate with the doctor in time. In life, we can exercise to improve immunity, eat more green vegetables in the habit of liver, and supplement protein in time. We can eat more beef, lean meat and so on. In the diet should also maintain light, usually pay attention to rest, moderate exercise, protect the health of the liver. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!