Doctors pull into the “blacklist” of three kinds of food, easy to spot and long meat, to avoid

We often say “one white covers three ugliness”. It is the wish of many girls to have fair skin. But nowadays, most of the women are office workers. They either face the computer or the mobile phone every day. In addition, with the increase of their own pressure, the pollution of the external environment on the skin and the ultraviolet radiation, the skin is getting darker and rougher, which is the most annoying There will also be rust like chloasma. Therefore, we should take effective measures to relieve and treat the top of the face.

we all say that food is the most important thing for the people. In the face of delicious food, we can’t resist it. However, if we often eat something, it will lead to more and more serious spots on our faces. For chloasma, a common skin disease in daily life, dietary taboos in life are essential. Here’s to give you a detailed introduction of what are the dietary taboos of chloasma.

when I was a child, I often heard from adults that soy sauce can’t be eaten much, it will turn black. At first, I thought it was nonsense, but in fact, there was a scientific basis. Cola, coffee, soy sauce and other dark food species add dark additives, eating this kind of food will make the pigment precipitation, the formation of color spots.

by “acid food”, we do not mean food with sour taste, but in essence, they are acidic. Like peanuts, ham, persimmon, these are acidic foods. General people in a healthy state, the body fluid is weak alkaline,. However, if the intake of acidic food and alkaline food is not balanced, the blood in the body will tend to be acidic, which will bring various discomfort to the human body and promote the formation of skin pigmentation spots.

photosensitive food should not be eaten during the day, because this kind of food contains many metal elements, such as copper, iron and zinc. These metal elements can directly or indirectly lead to the increase of skin melanin. The photosensitive food will absorb ultraviolet light, make the skin melanin more and cause long spots, so it should be taken in an appropriate amount.

if you don’t have spots on your face, the author is very happy for you, but don’t relax your vigilance, because with the growth of age, the skin is gradually aging, and the metabolic capacity of the skin is also on the decline. Especially for women, after 30 years of age, and after giving birth to children, the probability of freckles will be greatly increased. Therefore, we need to start to learn how to prevent the emergence of color spots, for women, do a good job in prevention, is an important link to prevent the breeding of spots.

as we said earlier, many foods need to be properly eaten, otherwise it will promote the breeding of chloasma. So for our normal diet, we should do a good job of regulation. Eat more green leafy vegetables and eat more bean products, can regulate endocrine, try to eat less sweets, often eating sweets will affect the normal metabolic function of women’s skin, and it is easy to damage women’s skin. Eating more vegetables and fruits can supplement vitamins and remove free radicals.

especially now, the weather turns warm, the direct angle of the sun becomes larger, and the ultraviolet radiation is strong. Long time exposure to ultraviolet rays can easily lead to the deposition of melanin in the skin, which will lead to the generation of skin spots. Therefore, when you go out, you must do a good job in sun protection and deep skin cleaning.

in addition to developing healthy eating habits, we should also develop a healthy life and rest habit. Keeping enough sleep every day is also an important method to prevent long spots. Some people may find that they have more spots on their face after staying up all night. This is because staying up late may lead to abnormal hormone secretion in the body, which will lead to more and more spots on the face in the long run.

for women without long spots, prevention is the best method. For women with long spots, in addition to taking firm protective measures, active treatment measures should be taken. Next, let’s talk about how we should take treatment measures for women with long spots?

chloasma is caused by endocrine disorders. If it is due to endocrine disorders caused by long chloasma on the face, you can eat with the supplement of some endocrine conditioning nutrients, generally used to powder box deer embryo powder.

deer embryo powder is rich in saponins and flavonoids, which can adjust female endocrine, nourish ovaries, stabilize estrogen, especially has a good cosmetic and skin care effect, can nourish internal and external spots, promote melanin decomposition, and make skin care healthy and white.

the commonly used external drugs for external treatment are to smear tyrosinase inhibitor ointment and other drugs for treatment. Secondly, exfoliation therapy is to remove the color spots on the face by smearing drugs. Finally, laser or intense pulsed light is used for treatment. But this treatment is not suitable for all patients, some patients can use this treatment. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao