Doctors repeatedly warned: eat the apple must not touch “it”, or cancer will come

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are most active at eight or nine o’clock in the morning, and people’s Yang Qi begins to be more active. At this time, it is easy to absorb foods with more nutrients. < / P > < p > in the evening, the spleen and stomach are not as active as in the daytime, so we should not eat too much but concentrate on the essence at breakfast. This is why the saying goes: golden apples in the morning, silver apples at noon, copper apples at night. There are a certain amount of pesticide residues on the surface of apples. Long term consumption without peeling may lead to excessive accumulation of crops in the body, which is harmful to health. The redder the apple looks, the sweeter it will be. If you want to choose the one with a silk stripe, the more the better, and it looks like the “cracked” stripe. < p > < p > we usually call this kind of apple a red apple, which means that there is a stripe on the surface of the apple. This kind of apple is very sweet, moist and fragrant. < / P > < p > if the apple stalk is yellow or black, it is obvious that it has been picked for a long time. It looks fresh, but it is only stored well, and it is not fresh after all. Focus