Does exercise help to lower blood pressure? Don’t mess around. People with high blood pressure do exercise. Keep these 7 points in mind

Not all people with high blood pressure are suitable for exercise therapy. During exercise, systolic blood pressure will increase with the increase of exercise intensity. During moderate intensity exercise, systolic blood pressure will be higher than that at rest, and diastolic blood pressure will also change. Therefore, patients whose blood pressure is not well controlled at rest should stop moderate or above exercise. < / P > < p > for patients with hypertension, choosing suitable exercise can improve the treatment effect. The more suitable exercise methods mainly include aerobic exercise, strength exercise, flexibility exercise and comprehensive function exercise. We must find the exercise items that we are interested in, and stick to it for about 30 minutes every day, which helps to control blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. < / P > < p > if the patient does not exercise for a period of time, he must be slow before exercise. The rapid moderate intensity exercise will cause damage to the body muscles and joints. When the exercise time increases, the intensity of exercise can be appropriately increased to avoid sudden violent exercise and large fluctuation of blood vessels. < / P > < p > low intensity exercise is better and safer than high intensity exercise in controlling blood pressure in patients with hypertension. After the exercise, the patients sweat slightly and feel a little tired. After the exercise, the respiratory rate accelerates slightly and they can communicate with people normally. < / P > < p > for patients with hypertension who have no conditions or time to go to fitness, they can get their own gym at home, buy fitness blanket, commonly used yoga and weight-bearing equipment, and carry out moderate exercise at home through these equipment, which helps to stabilize blood pressure. < / P > < p > in daily life, pushing, pulling, squeezing, pressing and other movements are commonly used strength exercises. When choosing strength exercises, we should focus on low and medium intensity. During the exercise, we should maintain a normal breathing state, which can increase muscle strength, relieve joint pain, enhance muscle balance ability, prevent falls, and help to improve blood pressure and blood sugar. The patients with hypertension can control their blood pressure effectively by doing strength exercises 2-3 times a week. < / P > < p > appropriately increasing activities in life helps to control blood pressure and promote physical health. Patients with high blood pressure can choose the right exercise time to do some housework, and ensure that the daily activity steps are 10000 steps. In addition, patients with hypertension should not choose to exercise in the early morning, it is easy to lead to cardiovascular disease, can choose to exercise in the afternoon or evening. < / P > < p > patients with hypertension should control their blood pressure through exercise therapy. They should also do enough warm-up preparation before exercise and relax after exercise, which can make the heart rate stable, help to maintain normal breathing state, and better control their blood pressure. In addition, before exercise therapy, professional doctors should be consulted, so that clinicians can arrange appropriate exercise items according to the condition= target=_ blank>CUISINE&HEALTH