Does hair dyeing increase the risk of cancer? Harvard Medical School has solved the truth and is alert to three kinds of cancer

Based on the case that I witnessed with my own eyes: grandma XX dyed her hair from her twenties and thirties. She dyed her hair to her seventies and eighties and lived to her nineties. Later, she died of no disease. Therefore, dyeing her hair will not cause cancer.

will hair dyeing increase the risk of cancer? Don’t discuss such serious health problems by taking personal observation events around you as an example, or should we judge hair dyeing and cancer from the perspective of scientific research?

no, Harvard Medical School has cooperated with a cancer research center to conduct a large-scale experiment for 36 years, focusing on the relationship between hair dyeing and cancer. The current research results have been published in the world’s most authoritative medical journals, and the conclusion is considered to be the most prospective research so far!

the US nurse health research is one of the largest and longest studies on the influencing factors of women’s health at present. Since the beginning of this research, the research direction has focused on the influence of life and behavior style on health, and the research conclusions are mostly published in international well-known medical journals, which put forward many substantive scientific suggestions on women’s health.

this study involves 117000 female subjects over 30 years old and under 55 years old. Through 36 years of observation and records, we made multi-dimensional statistics on these subjects, including basic conditions, such as height, weight, race, family history of cancer, amount of exercise, menstrual status, use of contraceptives, frequency of smoking and drinking, hair dyeing and so on Follow up statistics, follow-up every two years, the final conclusion is as follows:

for the use of permanent hair dye, there is no significant correlation between the incidence of most cancer and the risk of death, but for some breast cancer, ovarian cancer, basal cell cancer and lymphangioma, there is correlation!

of course, the occurrence of cancer is related to a variety of factors. This study is mainly based on observational research. Although the experiment itself has certain limitations, the overall conclusion is a wake-up call for those who often dye their hair!

now that the research results have been confirmed, you have to think carefully about hair dyeing! Minimize the negative effects of hair dyeing on the body.

to reduce the frequency of hair dyeing, since the hair dye contains Phenylenediamine and other components that pose a threat to health, it is necessary to reduce the frequency of hair dyeing, and scientific research has not stipulated a safe frequency. For example, experts from Harvard Medical School still hold a cautious attitude on whether women should stop hair dyeing.

although the components of some hair dyes are not friendly enough, the country has made clear regulations on the harmful components in these products. For example, the content of p-phenylenediamine in our country must not be higher than 6%, while some foreign countries have strict regulations that this index should not be higher than 2%.

hair dyeing starts from the hair root. It is true that the overall color difference is smaller and the appearance is more beautiful. However, the risk of hair dye contacting with the scalp increases and the possibility of injury to the body increases. Therefore, hair dyeing should try not to contact the scalp. Starting from the hair root, avoid the scalp contact, and the risk will naturally decrease or not exist=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>BEAUTY&SKIN CARE