Does narrow distance press exercise triceps brachii not feel? How can we make the three heads work correctly?

A lot of friends and editors said that they didn’t feel much when they pushed three heads with narrow distance bench push, but they had more shoulder power Obviously this is because the posture is not correct. In fact, there is no small difference between the action essentials of the narrow distance bench push and the standard bench push. Here we will elaborate on the four action mistakes that are most likely to be made when doing the narrow distance horizontal push < / P > < p > as a member of the “bench press family”, the narrow distance barbell bench push should be said to be the most rebellious. Why? Because the rest of the bench press is basically to exercise the chest muscles, while the narrow distance bench push mainly focuses on the triceps brachii < / P > < p > too narrow holding distance will limit your back muscles, making it unable to provide proper support for your trunk, in addition, it will force your shoulder joint to rotate inward < / P > < p > too narrow grip distance will also reduce the pressure of triceps brachii, so that the chest and shoulder can participate more Among them, it is undoubtedly very bad for people with shoulder injuries. In addition, most of us practice narrow bench press mainly to exercise triceps, so too narrow holding distance will only deviate from our training goal, rather than help improve the stimulation of triceps brachii < / P > < p > in doing narrow distance horizontal push, we hope to stimulate all the force to the triceps brachii, and try to avoid shoulder rotation caused by bench press, so as to protect the shoulder is not easy Injury < / P > < p > so how can we guarantee these two points? First of all, you should try to squeeze the barbell with both hands when doing the narrow distance horizontal push. When you hold the barbell, try to rotate the elbow so that the elbow is downward and the position of the leg is toward the leg. < / P > < p > this has several advantages. One such posture can help open your latissimus dorsi muscle, so that the movement of dropping the barbell can be performed better; second, it will make your shoulder rotate outward Open the triceps brachii. < / P > < p > you should also force your triceps to move on one face all the time. If you are in multiple face movements, for example, if you push the barbell and your elbow is abducted, then other muscles will participate in the movement. < / P > < p > because if you put the barbell down in the chest position, your elbow and arm will be under unnecessary pressure, so you can’t focus on it The strength of triceps brachii, the effect of exercise, and the weight-bearing used will have an impact. < / P > < p > the correct posture is that when you lower the barbell, the arm is in an “L-shape”, the barbell just falls on the position above the ribs, and your forearm is always vertical to the ground, which will make your triceps mainly produce upward force < / P > < p > the three-point narrow distance bench press mentioned above is different from the standard bench push It is mainly in the hand movement. As like as two peas of the body, your lower body should be exactly the same as the standard bench press.

feet are flat on the ground, the core is tightened up, and when inhaled, the elbow is lowered to the stool surface, and not by the stretch and shorten cycle force. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!