Does the newborn with “green buttocks” come to repay their parents? The legend is beautiful, but the reality is not

Newborn is like a piece of jade thrown down from heaven, coming to earth from heaven, with a unique mark, to find their parents. It is said that the newborn with “green butt” came to repay his parents’ kindness. Is this legend true?

“green buttocks” refers to the green spots on the buttocks of newborn babies, and there are so many legends in the world that they can’t fall down. About its legend, many netizens gave the local version.

netizen a said that their hometown thinks that if the baby has a “green butt” after birth, it means that he has come to repay his parents and the gift of previous life. Therefore, this kind of children is very popular with us.

netizen B said that the saying at home is “green ass, naughty”, that is to say, children with “green ass” will be particularly naughty in the future, which worries their parents.

netizen C said that his family’s little treasure is “green butt”. His mother-in-law said that the child might dislike the poverty of the family and didn’t want to land on earth. The steward really couldn’t convince him, so she kicked him down.

netizen D said that before the baby was born, it was an angel living in the heavenly palace. God dragged its tail to prevent it from being lost. If someone wanted to reincarnate, it was necessary to tear off its tail, so some babies were too hard, so they left Green scars.

in addition, there are many legends about “green buttocks”, but the legend is beautiful, but the reality is not. What is the “green mark” on the buttocks of newborns?

the doctor explained that the “green buttocks” of newborns have nothing to do with the effect of external force. They are traces from birth. They are called “Mongolian spots” in medicine. Most of these spots appear on Chinese babies, which is a genetic disorder on the skin.

Mongolian spots can have many colors, such as the combination of blue, gray, cyan and green, blue black or black, or even a combination of these colors. In addition, the shape is also unique. There are many strange shapes, such as spots, circles and irregular shapes, and there is no obvious boundary. The surface is still flat, but there are many “bruises”.

However, Mongolian spots generally appear in the buttocks, lumbosacral, or lateral thighs of newborns. Of course, it is also very naughty, and sometimes it can be found in the baby’s limbs.

the color of Mongolian spot is the darkest when the baby is about one year old. With the increase of age, it will gradually fade. Until the age of 6, when the baby leaves, it belongs to a kind of congenital birthmark. Generally speaking, it does not need treatment.

but if the baby is still reluctant to leave as he grows older, it may be caused by genetic skin diseases. At this time, he needs to go to the hospital.

as the saying goes: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, it’s called life when you come together. However, pregnant women are noble goods and can’t eat and drink as much as other people. Therefore, spicy food should be avoided, hot pot and spicy hot pot should be kept away. After all, the health of the fetus is the most important, and mothers should not take risks.

beauty is the common pursuit of human beings, but everyone’s understanding of beauty is different. For Baoma who is pregnant, pregnant life is beautiful, so don’t apply cosmetics. In case the baby comes out with a birthmark, it’s not good. Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid cosmetics.

as we all know, radiation does great harm to human body, and it is also one of the “culprits” leading to baby birthmarks. Therefore, to stay away from radiation is to love life.

if the mother or father lives in a radiation environment for a long time, it will bring great threat to the health of the child. Therefore, the health of the fetus is in the hands of the mother. 08/16/2020